Kerala Holiday- A unique Holiday Experience.

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An unforgettable experience in Kerala Vacations:

We tend to forget what our eye sees and what our leg experienced but we never forget what touched our hearts. Geography and Topography are forgotten for some time but You will remember the unique experiences, which means the experience is a holiday, not geography and topography. 

Kerala is a tourist place that offers and enriches you with multiple such experiences, Like hills, beaches, pilgrimage, that lingers on your mind for a long time. Varied landscapes create such an aura that you wish that your Kerala tour continues forever and never comes to End. Club Holiday has uploaded many customizable Honeymoon and Kerala Holiday Packages on its website. You choose an appropriate package. Planning Assam and Meghalaya Holidays: Blog

Kerala Holiday is Full of varied and multi-faceted experiences some of these holiday experiences of Kerala are listed here. Multiplicity and diversity create varied experiences to be remembered forever. Kerala is not only good with Family and friends but an excellent place to celebrate a honeymoon, a festival of love and togetherness. 

Stay in Houseboat in Kerala:

Cruising and Staying in India is Unique to Kerla and can be experienced only in Kerala, Though Kashmir gives you an experience of Houseboats that are not moving houseboats but stationary.

•  Your Kerala holiday is incomplete without the experience of a houseboat stay. Slow Cruise over the bright green backwaters and see the postcard-perfect sights along with the houseboats with coconut trees and cruising through local villages. It gives you a chance to mingle with local people.


Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary:

• Kerala is known for its Wildlife and its especially elephant-centric traditions and culture and elephant occupies a central place in Kerala's daily life. A major tourist attraction in Kerala is the Korana Elephant Sanctuary near Kochi. Here you can find some exciting activities such as feeding the elephant baby, feeding the banana to the elephants, elephant safari, and watching baby elephants playing with themselves or tourists. This is an experience of its kind that is unique and can only be offered by a state like Kerala.

Ayurveda treatments:

• Kerala is well known for its traditional Indian Ayurveda treatments and Ayurveda remedies centers dot the landscape of Kerala. There are many forms of natural cure and rejuvenation therapy available in various Ayurveda centers spread all over Kerala. Get an Ayurvedic massage and take a break from stress when in Kerala with the Ayurvedic experts. The experience is nothing short of happiness. The Best Part of the Ayurvedic treatment is that it is very economical and reasonable.

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Spice tour:

• Kerala grows a different type of spice and  Kerala is the Spice Capital of India and the center of the Spice trade for ages. Tourists should undertake a spice Garden tour of Munnar, Thekkady, or Wayanad spice plantations. Taste some authentic cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and exotic vanilla. Tourists will learn about the production of coffee and tea, taste different teas, and visit the farmhouses on a nature walk. Cochin is world-famed for spice trading.

Water sports and Paragliding Activities in Kerala:

Kerala vacations are more than natural beauty, if you love adventure You will be delighted to choose Kerala as your holiday destination. Paragliding, Rafting, Hiking, water sports are easily available and pocket-friendly in Kerala. Sailing across the majestic mountains of Kerala and getting a bird's eye view of the opulent green plantations is a fascinating experience. You don't have to be an expert at it. You can look at the tranquility and calmness of this serene destination with some bravery.

Travel Tips for Kerala Trips:

If you're on a summer holiday tour of Kerala, be sure to take all the carry all the required id card vouchers and items such as sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and a sipper.

• It is unequivocally vital to have a first aid kit. Humid infections are major headaches that can be picked quickly from bites of the sandfly, biting mosquitoes, or any open cut or wound. The topography varies from location to location, which can cause distress.

• While many resorts provide torches for their guests, there is a good chance that other resorts will not do so. It is advisable to carry a flashlight, particularly after sunset, to avoid scary crawls.

• It is not allowed to take pictures or film in temples, churches, and other religious institutions. Before filming, check for signs placed in such places.

• It is not advisable to carry lots of cash. ATMs are nearly every corner and easily accessible. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted at all food joints.

• Keep a map handy since mobile network coverage in hilly areas may be poor.

In this Kerala Trip Planner guide for Kerala, we have collected and provided you with every little part of the information that can help make your trip to Kerala an unforgettable experience. If you would like further information about your next holiday in Kerala, please do not hesitate to contact club Holidays and we will be glad to assist you with the planning of your Kerala tour.

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