Visit to Parrot Islands and Baratang islands during Andaman Holidays.

Parrot Island In Baratang in Andaman Nicobar

Andaman group of island is a place with lots of peculiar and amazing phenomenons ranging from the phenomenon of Bio-luminescence of Havelock island, Emerging sandbar of Ross and smith island, and Parrot island of Baratang island.

Tourists interested in avian life come to this island. Parrot Island is a natural home for Parakeets in the area. Thousands of parrots coming back home before every sunset is an exceptional and must-see phenomenon for all bird lovers.

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To plan a visit to parrot island during your Andaman holidays you need to plan a visit to Baratang Island. You can reach Bararatnag island by State transport Bus or Private taxis in vehicles armed convoy through Jarwa tribe habitation. you have to start before sunrise for the Baratang island to reach on time for the opening of the reserve forest gate.

It is around 100 km toward Diglipur on Andaman Trunk road from the Capital city of Port Blair. You have to drive through the dense forests of tidal swamp forest to Evergreen to littoral forests laced with sandy beaches along its coast at Baludera, Roglachang, etc.

Once you reach Baratang island you can spend your time in 2 activities like planning a tour to limestone caves and mud volcano, as there is no point in reaching Parrot island before sunset. You should reach Jetty by 3 Pm and take a boat ride to Parrot Island. The ride is an awesome 30 minutes experience in a tiny boat, called Dungi in the local language.  

As you reach neared the island you will see unique mangrove trees, neatly clipped and evenly cut to look like a Mangrove garden. Every evening thousands of parrots drove together and settle on this beautiful, thick island.

These Parrots leave the island the next morning. What is most fascinating is that the mangroves on this island are clipped regularly by the parrots, to give a shape of a landscaped garden. The visit to Parrot island is going to be the best-visited tourist place in the Andaman islands.

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You have to wait for more stunning things to come. A group of 5 parrots flies over Parrot island and leaves, followed by a similar group of parrots. Locals say they come to inspect the island, and once the go-ahead is given within ten minutes you will see thousands of parrots coming over from all directions and settle down in the forest.

It will be a hypnotic experience. Capture the phenomenon in Camera to cherish the unusual.

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