Top Beaches of Phuket

Phuket Beaches

Top Beaches of Phuket:                                        

Phuket island is a paradise with many beaches, jungle areas, and small hillocks, enough to plan a Phuket tour. More than anything else, Phuket is known for its outstanding beaches. With over 30 beaches around the island, tourists can get a glimpse of various types of vegetation, different textures of sand, and breathtaking scenes. However, with a wide array of choices, we are confused about, which is the best beach In Phuket. 

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 It depends. Depends on how you judge a ‘good beach’. We chose to combine several measurements, from the availability of nearby places to relax to the fineness of the sand beneath your feet. We gave priority to beaches with a lifeguard station. Stay with us and you might be surprised by some of the places we’ve included. Phuket islands have so much to offer that you need a long stay there and it cannot be covered in a regular 4/5 night Phuket tour package.

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  • Freedom Beach
  • Surin Beach
  • Kata Beach
  • Bangtao Beach
  • Patong BeachYa Nui Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Nai Harn Beach
  • Karon Beach
  • Kata Noi Beach

Good Phuket resorts for a pleasant stay,

  • Holiday Inn Resort Phuket 4.4/ 5
  • Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa 4.6/ 5
  • Katathani Phuket Beach Resort  4.4/ 5
  • Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa 4.5/ 5
  • Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central 4.3/ 5
  • Kalima Resort & Spa, Phuket 4.2/ 5
  • BYD Lofts - Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments 4.6/ 5
  • Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa 4.3/ 5
  • Amari Phuket 4.6/ 5
  • Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort 4.4/ 5

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  • Coral & Racha Islands Full-Day Tour
  • Flying Hanuman Ziplining Experience
  • John Gray's Cave Canoeing Tour in Phang Nga Bay
  • Sea Kayaking at Ang Thong Marine Park
  • Phuket FantaSea Cultural Theme Park
  • Phi Phi Islands Tour with Express Boat
  • Canoeing Excursion in Phang Nga Bay with Thai Buffet Lunch
  • Whitewater Rafting & 4-Wheel-Drive Adventure
  • Introduction to City Tour
  • James Bond Island Full-Day Tour via Big Boa

Here are some basic details about the Beaches in Phuket

Kata Beach :

Kata Beach has the most beautiful trail of soft sand scattered around the drowsy palm trees, clean waters flowing over the delicate seabed, an adventurous surfing option in the low season and snorkeling in the high season, and a fantastic laid-back atmosphere. It doesn’t usually get too crowded.

It has colorful long-tail boats moored at the northern end, with budget food and drinks vendors often found nearby. The southern end has a choice of beachfront hotels and restaurants and an exciting flow rider park at Surf House.


 Freedom Beach

With some of the finest white sand in Phuket, Freedom Beach has the isolation of a pristine desert with elite dining options. It’s a little tricky to get to, being accessible only by a long-tail boat or a steep footpath down a hill, but it has an air of exclusivity to compensate for it.

 Unlike busier beaches, it has none of the usual jet skis, parasailing, and wandering vendors to pester you while you’re chilling out. This makes it the best balance of peace without sacrificing convenience.

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Kata Noi Beach

Beautiful is the right and apt word for Kata Nai Beach. The sand on this island is among the finest and the sea is among the purest and the surroundings are among the most happening places on the earth. It is a much quieter place with its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It also offers some great surfing and snorkeling opportunities. Hotel options around this beach are limited but are rated among the best hotels for vacations.

Ya Nui Beach

In an L-shaped curve, Ya Nui is one of Phuket’s smallest beaches yet the most popular beaches of Phuket. It's not hard to see why, with its beautiful sand and sea and striking scenery, being just beneath Windmill Viewpoint. The beach’s rocky outcrop is somewhat iconic, is easy to climb on for striking holiday snaps, and helps create great conditions for snorkelers. Despite its small size, there is a good selection of nearby restaurants, vendors, and accommodations.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach offers you everything you can ask for. It has a little rocky headland which technically makes it 2 beaches. It has the famous Paradise Beach Club and has a variety of great choices concerning its facilities, including restaurants, bars, sea kayaks, beach chairs, and more. It's also the home to Phuket’s only Koh Phangan-style beach parties.

 Additionally, this beach has calm waters with an easy-going seabed pretty much throughout the year, while the lovely white sand is scattered around the nodding palm trees, which looks like a dream come true.

Nai Harn Beach

Once a secluded spot in Phuket, it is a good fortune for the tourists that Nai Harn Beach has been very definitively “discovered” and continues to grow in popularity. On windier days, it is also a good spot for kite-surfing. With a good choice of hotels, shops, and restaurants nearby, It is a must-visit for travelers. However, due to the relatively small size of the bay and the presence of a large lake immediately behind the beach, the spot hasn’t been extremely developed. But it retains its quiet charm. With lifeguards on the station and a gentle sloping soft seabed, it's quite a family-friendly beach.

Bangtao Beach

Bangtao is one of the longest beaches in Phuket and is 6 km in length. Along that length, you'll find some of the island’s best hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs. The wide scope of activities makes it a popular place for all kinds of visitors as well as locals.

While the scenery at this beach is perhaps not as attractive and the sand is not as soft as some of the other places on our list. Bangtao is still one of the best beaches in Phuket. It does offer a sheer variety of nearby attractions and a sheer size, which means it’s never that hard to find a quiet spot to enjoy some peace.

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 Patong Beach

Patong SHOULD be on your “best beaches to visit” list. There's no part of Phuket with a livelier atmosphere than this piece of land. Undoubtedly, the most popular stretch of coastline on the island, it could be said to be a victim of its popularity.

It is generally very busy. The town behind the beach is home to many great restaurants and hotels, as well as the best of Phuket’s nightlife, while the beach itself has plenty of attractions and activities.

Karon Beach

Interestingly, Karon Beach has the noisiest beach in Phuket. Though fine and soft, it makes a hilarious sound when you walk on it. It is charmingly lined with trees in the southern end and has volleyball nets and beachfront restaurants in the northern half for leisure. The sea here is very approachable but has strong riptides in the low season.

There are virtually no rocks along the length of the beach, so you can take a cooling walk around. It’s the third-longest beach in Phuket and is close to being perfectly straight.

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