Top 5 Beaches of Kerala

Top  beaches of Kerala

Top 5 Beaches of Kerala.

The best place to enjoy your Honeymoon or Holiday is the beach. Kerala has a very big coastal line and many Beaches. Beaches in are Kerala so beautiful that it attracts people to plan their holiday in Kerala.

Kerala is situated on the southern tip of India and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, and the Arab Sea. Kerala is crowned with a few of the most romantic, enchanting, and stunning sandy beaches offering an entertaining and thrilling variety of adventure and water-based sporting activities such as scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, and more.

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The joyful resonance of waves roaring on the stony seashores, the blue sky, the immense variety of delicious seafood, complete isolation, or wet sunshine while drinking some luscious cocktails allows you to relax and recognize that nature's grace has no depth.

1. Alleppey Beach

Kerala is bestowed with many beaches on its coastline and Alleppey Beach of Alappuzha district is one of the best beaches in Kerala, heavenly occupied by interconnected lakes, the curling palm cluster of trees, and water ponds. Alleppey Beach's main attractions are peaceful houseboats, boat races, and significant water sports events such as surfing, para-sailing, and swimming. The houseboat is unique to Kerala and a big attraction to planning a Kerala Vacation.

2. Kovalam Beach

Kovalam beach finds a place in almost all the Kerala tour package itineraries and is located just 16 Km from the Kerala capital, Trivandrum. The beach of Kovalam is settled on the western coast of Malabar and represents the coconut trees seen all together with the beach borders that offer it a beautiful look.

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The Arabian Sea's Bluewater that blends with the white sands on the shores of the sea with the palm-bounded bays is truly seductive and captivates a huge number of hordes throughout the year, making Kovalam one of Kerala’s favorite beaches.

Water sports activities like para-sailing and Windsurfing are not allowed here because of high tides, but yes, you can see crowds enjoy swimming and sunbathing throughout the year. Many Good Beachside resorts can be seen here and they are excellent for Honeymoon accommodation.

3. Marari Beach

Marari beach, located near the houseboat capital town of Alleppey new is a new and emerging tourist beach destination. Marari beach is heaven for tourists looking for a relaxing holiday in the utter comfort of being separated from the rest of the world. The sound of the sea waves hitting the seashores and the view of the palm trees from a range with the extending Arab Sea to the start like a wall colored green is an exquisite vision for the tourists.

The unscathed and uncrowded beach offers skiing in the waters of the Arabian Sea, and the fun of para-sailing, surfing, and reclining volleyball as well is perfect for a bit of muscle exercise. Tourist may ask their tour planner to include Marari beach to be included in their Kerala tour itinerary

4. Varkala Beach

Varkala's beach is just before Kovalam beach toward Alleppey is a special and attractive beach nestled in the coastal region of Kerala in South India offers its tourists a soothing holiday from overcrowded city life and is ideal for watching the sunset below the crashing shores of the ocean.

This beach has an excellent water sports activity facility. Varkala beach is known for its natural spring and medicinal and curative properties. Here little kids form stone castles of their choice and their parents walk lazily without paying any attention to their wards ' activities.

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Cherai- Beach

Known as one of Kerala’s most beautiful beaches, Cherai Beach is only 28 km from the City of Cochin. Located on the north end of the island of Vypin, a picturesque Cherai beach is a perfect blend of the sea and the backwater. This beach is dotted with several shapes and hues of seashells and looks nicer with green groves and paddy fields. Chinese fishing nets along the seafront and thick coconut groves add charm to this beach. This enchanting beach is a must-visit spot among tourists on the Kerala holiday.

It has a shoreline of 15 km which distinguishes it from other beaches. sunbathing and Swimming are common tourist activities that make an enticing option for someone;

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