Tips to Plan a Good Honeymoon itineriry.

Honeymoon planning tips

Did you ever realize the best part of a party is after the Party and the same applies to wed as well? A wedding is not done in minutes but involves months and months of Planning, sessions with event planners and travel, and all this leaves you totally exhausted and drained out. A honeymoon trip is the best way to kickstart your new life with your beloved.

Planning a Honeymoon tour is an equally daunting task and your honeymoon tour needs to be planned to perfection if you really want to get maximum honeymoon bliss.

No matter where you’re planning a honeymoon to the Phuket beaches, Kerala honeymoon or Andaman Honeymoon a Maldives honeymoon, a Bali honeymoon, or a  Seychelles honeymoon,  club holiday is here to help. Visit our website or speak to our expert to plan a perfect honeymoon trip.

1. Make a list of Honeymoon destination:

All couples are not the same and they have different preferences that are different when it comes to choosing the best honeymoon destination for them. Some like beaches, some prefer hill stations and like to enjoy their bliss on luxury sea cruises. Some want a happening place like Singapore or Dubai and like honeymoon on Maldives islands, where no one is nearby to disturb your private Moments. Some newlywed are looking for a more adventurous honeymoon filled rafting,  waterfall chasing, hiking, paragliding and water sports.

So know yourself and then select a  Honeymoon destination based on your likes and preferences. The best way to locate some honeymoon places read some good blog on Best Honeymoon destinations and then sit together to make a list with your fiance of all both of your best places for honeymoon.

You must keep the budget, time available, distance from your home town, timing of your trip, the weather in that destination.

2. An estimate of your honeymoon budget and duration           

Once you have decided to place you wish to travel, now come to the most important aspect of knowing the realistic budget of your honeymoon trip. For a stressfree honeymoon tour and must draw a Budget and stick to it so you won’t have to worry about money during your honeymoon tour. The best way of getting an idea of the cost of a good honeymoon tour is to browse some good travel websites offering customized honeymoon tour.  

As far as organizing the honeymoon budget is concerned – you should decide on how much time you have for the honeymoon, then study flight cost for that time of the year and have an estimate about how much it will cost to get to each destination.  In short, you need to decide on the proper honeymoon itinerary and how much you would want to spend on local transportation,  food, fun activities & accommodation, some sort of purchase. This budget will, of course, be adjustable, so it's nice to get an idea of what you can invest before you start organizing, so you can know where your travel goals lie.

In case your budget estimate shoots up and you do not wish to compromise on the destination then you must work on things that are in your control; like the category of Hotels and resorts, food and honeymoon activities. When upgrading or downgrading your budget keep in mind that Transportation cost is always inflexible.


Guide to Planning a Good Honeymoon in Phuket: Blog

Maybe it’s not within your budget to spend a huge amount of Rs 1,45000.00 on the stay in a 5* hotel but you guys can pay for a split stay of few nights in a 3-star resort and the rest of your time at the 5-star. Or maybe you don't worry about the lodgings as much and wish to devote more to foods Or, the reverse because you choose to save on the tickets for travel or dinner and get money to spend on your honeymoon activities. Both of you should sit together to brainstorm to draw a realistic Honeymoon itinerary. Do not copy someone else honeymoon itinerary and create your own.

Look for some credit cards offer or promotional offers on some travel websites of inner pages of google search.

3. Take the help of social media &  your friends for honeymoon recommendations!

Once you have decided on the place and budget seek recommendations about hotels, the best way to travel, the right time to travel on Facebook and other social media platforms or reach out to past travelers and friends. Not only is it awesome to share the honeymoon enthusiasm with your loved ones, but you’ll likely gain some good suggestions on where to stay eat, stay, and play from friends who have been where you’re going! And you’ll be able to avoid any rookie mistakes when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t do when you get there!

Spending some time on the internet and speaking to some good honeymoon experts will help you in Planning an awesome honeymoon tour.