Things No body Tells you About Bhutan Holiday

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Some hidden facts that nobody tells you About Bhutan Holiday.

Honesty, Happiness, and Natural Beauty make the land of the Dragon Called Bhutan. Bhutanese are not Proud of Their GDP but Are proud to be called as happiest Country in the world. Bhutan Loves its culture more than Currency and has retained the old-world Charm. You will Love Your Bhutan Holiday if you keep simple Things in Mind. Stunning valleys full of Flowers, soothing Monastries, and vibrating culture are enticing people to come to Bhutan to give peace to its mind and tons of refreshing Oxygen-rich air to its Lungs. Bhutan government has put many measures in place to give fraud fee travel experience and value its culture and tradition. Bhutan does not encourage reckless tourism and gives priority to the value of travelers not the volume of tourists.

Weather Position in Bhutan:

Central parts of Bhutan are akin to the temperature in hilly areas of north India, with warm summers, and cool, dry winters. In the far northern reaches of the Bhutan kingdom, the weather is very cold during winter Month Mountain peaks are permanently covered in ice and lower parts are still cool in summer owing to the high-altitude height. You Must Carry some Warm Clothes with you during your holidays in Bhutan.

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The Temperature ranges from -2.5°C in January to 25°C in summer with normal rainfall up to 100 mm. In the high-Altitude regions, the average temperature varies from 0°C to10°C, with an average of 300mm of rain. The tourist should carry the necessary warm cloth with him.

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What should you Do In the little Kingdom of Bhutan?

Bhutan welcomes foreigners these days with caution with a lot of regulations and fees the Nation is extremely conscious regarding Protecting its culture. Bhutan government in addition to the non-Saarc nation has imposed a surcharge on the traveler to Bhutan, called STF.Use the right hand while giving or receiving something from another person. The greeting “Hello" is "Kuzu Zangpo la", and says "Tashi Delek" for "goodbye" or "good luck" in the Bhutanese language Dzongkha. All the citizens, except Indians and Bangladeshi, need VISA to enter the Bhutan Kingdom.

They Need an Entry Permit. Bhutan VISA should be applied a minimum of 30 days before your arrival date in Bhutan. You will get a Permit only for Paro and Thimphu at Paro Airport and Pheutsholing. You must bring MasterCard - NOT Visa Card or other credit cards. Banks, ATMs, and Shopkeepers will NOT give cash or Goods on a Visa credit card in Bhutan, only a few merchants will accept credit cards.

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Currency and ATM in Bhutan.

Nu is the currency of Bhutan as valued at p[ar with INR. You should carry Nu (Bhutan's currency) or INR (Indian Rupees). Both currencies are accepted in Bhutan. Small Denomination Notes up to Rs 100/- are readily accepted but Rs 200, 500 and 2000 Indian rupee notes might not be as easily accepted.US dollars are pretty widely accepted in Bhutan, but you should exchange some of your currency for Bhutan's currency i.e. ngultrum (Nu) or Indian Rupee for buying small items and for the remote hilly places.

There are not many banks and ATMs nearby except in major cities like Thimphu, where also international ATM/credit cards might or might not work. Keep enough Cash with You. Bhutan is Crime Free Country and you will always feel safe during your Bhutan Trip.

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What you Must Not do During Bhutan Trip

Tobacco is absolutely No-No (prohibited) in Bhutan. The traveler might use it, but with extra care. Selling or giving tobacco to the locals is also a punishable crime. Keep it in Mind on your Bhutan Tour.  You must take off your footwear before you enter any religious place. You are advised to dress modestly in Bhutan. If you’re entering any Bhutanese Religious Shrine, they’d admire you if you wear their traditional dress Gho and Kira. International Tourist is not permitted to carry Indian rupees across the border to and from India.

Buying and selling and Trading of antiques is strictly Prohibited in Bhutan. In general, please respect local traditions and customs. Bhutan has Multiples of Customs and Traditions. Refer to the dos and DONTs of your planned destinations for more specific information. Don't try to give toys or sweets to children in exchange for photo offers and Car rides, Bhutanese are careful not to breed a generation of children who beg tourists.

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Getting an Entry Permit for Bhutan

Bhutan Entry permit will be issued at the entry point (Pheutsholing and Paro) on the production of a Passport or Voter ID and 04 Passport size photographs. It can also arrange the permit ahead of the travel date on the fulfillment of certain conditions. Restricted Area Permit for Punakha / Wangdue: This is issued by the Home Ministry of Bhutan at Thimphu. You need 02 passport-size photographs and a Voter ID card or Passport of each Traveler including the child. This special permit is issued only after the guest has reached Thimphu. The permit is not issued on Saturday and Sunday and on Govt Holidays.

One needs Permits to travel deep in Bhutan and this is provided at the Immigration office at Thimpu and is issued immediately

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The hotel-issued Voucher is Mandatory for Entry permits. Children below the age of 18 can carry a school/college ID card for the Entry Permit. You are advised to carry a proper ID card

Welcome to Bhutan.