Information Need by Tourist Traveling to Singapore: Markets, Currency, Food &Transport Options

Singapore Tour Guide

Some Information before planning Singapore holiday-2021 :

The holiday is more pleasing if you are very well informed and the tour is planned after Having information about the destination. This information will add fun to your holiday experience and prove handy in case of an emergency. Here we are giving some information about Singapore holidays to customize your Singapore tour after equipping yourself with all the tourist information.

 Club holiday has uploaded some good Singapore Holiday Packages on its websites and these Singapore packages with and without cruise are created by Singapore experts. A tourist can customize his tour if he feels the need for it.

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WHY VISIT SINGAPORE:                                                      

Singapore is a Meeting of Traditional Asian Culture with European Culture. Singapore is easy to reach the destination with direct flight connectivity from India which makes your vacation to Singapore smooth and hassle-free. Even the Changi Airport of Singapore can be declared as a holiday spot of its own.

 This destination never forces you to compromise on your fun because of budget constraints and is a "value for money" destination.

The low crime rates in Singapore let you enjoy your holiday in Singapore in the most relaxed manner where all you have to catch are butterflies but not thieves! Singapore provides good internal transportation connectivity using MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system at affordable prices which makes it easier to explore this island city.

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 Singapore has a strong Indian Appeal which can even make this island city a homely place for Indians and has Made Singapore Holiday the most liked international Holiday after Dubai Holiday. The impressive city which is pumped with life at night with various theme-based parks to energize your mornings makes Singapore's holiday, an ideal fun spot for people who are young at heart.

Singapore provides you beach vacation to soak in sun, bays to stare at the blue beauty, nightlife to be a party animal, a Safari to party with the animals, theme-based parks, and what not?

This vacation in Singapore is a crash course of "how to enjoy life in a few days"!

Markets of Singapore

Singapore boasts of many world-class malls and some traditional markets in Singaporean style, a few of the most love Singapore retail markets are listed below

Bugis market

Amidst the tall towers and deep seas, lies the colorful, cheerful, and buzzing Bugis market of Singapore. Adorned by the hustle and bustle, crowned by super stylish boutique shops, and embraced by various retailers dealing in everything ranging from tacky goodies to all the necessities, it's a place where you can explore the culture of Singapore to its roots.

It’s even called the "night market" of Singapore where local meets the explorer. It serves you delicious local food which can leave you wanting more. The vibrant environment and the constant browsing through the new things at the Bugis market can complete your Singapore trip in the true sense.

Chinatown Market

Singapore is heavily influenced by Chinese culture and so are the shopping habits of the natives. The Chinatown market is a one-stop solution for all the people fascinated by Chinese food, clothing, or culture. The market enjoys colors, vibrancy, varieties, and rich aroma. The mouthwatering food served at every turn with the bright colorful displays can tinkle you to pamper yourselves.

The bargaining potential in this market is very high and hence all you will create are memories not long bills. Collect the beautiful Chinese garments from this market along with souvenirs to cherish your moments forever. A visit to this market must find a place in your Singapore Itinerary.

Mustafa Center

This market is an escape for Indians who are feeling homesick as it offers you a homely tour in Singapore. With 24-hour service and a reasonable collection of gadgets and clothing, it provides you amazing shopping experience. The food and the hype take you back to India and the warmth of the shopkeepers represents how the geographical distances cannot affect the brotherly bonds.

Located in the Little India region of Singapore, this market also has many eateries to spice up your taste buds again.

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CURRENCY of Singapore:

The currency used in Singapore is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). The SGD is expensive when compared to the Indian Rupee. You must convert the Indian rupee to SGD before starting your Singapore tour, to avoid any kind of inconvenience at the destination. A limit of SGD 20,000 is imposed by the immigration authorities of Singapore, during the time of entry. However, you can convert more money upon reaching the country.

Singapore is a largely cashless economy that lets you transact through cards also. However, the Entry fee of various parks and tourist attractions is to be paid in cash only. On average, about SGD 50 is being spent on food and traveling through buses and metros per person per day.

It is recommended to take cabs only in case of a time crunch as the public transport in Singapore is very convenient to use and is affordable. For a budget trip, hostel dorms can be booked at a price as cheap as SGD 30-40 per person per ni

Visa Information for Singapore Holiday:

The tourist desirous of Holiday in Singapore needs to obtain a tourist visa for Singapore beforehand as there is no provision of visa on arrival in Singapore. You need an Indian Passport with at least six-month validity from the date of entry into Singapore.

 In case you have an expired passport then you should attach that one too with your current passport. Singapore visa is easy to obtain can be processed within 5 days of Submission.

A signed completed visa form with 2 passport size photographs clicked within 3 months from the date of application are to be attached while the visa fees can be paid online. The processing time is 5 days after which you can collect your visa from the nearest center.

One also needs to show their air tickets (including the return tickets), bank statements of the last three months, and a cover letter to the Embassy of Singapore to apply for the visa.

Stay safe in Singapore Holiday:

Singapore is a best-policed nation and the crime rate in Singapore is very low, still, you must always be on your guard. Petty crimes such as Pickpocketing and street theft do occur in Singapore although violent crime is deemed rare. You must be very aware of all your belongings and must be alert amidst fun in Singapore.

 Credit card fraud cases are being indicated as another security warning but are a rare crime to investigate in the city. To prevent oneself from being overcharged, ask the cab drivers to use meters, or check the fares at the company's website before boarding a cab.

Singapore knows how to welcome their guests on their trip to Singapore and here are a few numbers who will always be at your service in this known unknown island city.

When to reach Singapore for Holiday:

Though Singapore is an all-weather holiday destination the best time to plan a Singapore holiday is between February and April, one can explore and enjoy Singapore's tour to the fullest. The pleasant weather keeps you going and you can even indulge in all activities.

Generally, Singapore is very hot and humid. Singapore also experiences a huge number of tourists from July to September as the major festivals are celebrated at this time and hence there is a lot to catch for the tourists. In the rest of the months, either it's too hot or cold or hence the city records low tourism rates in those months.

Seasonality in Singapore tourist arrivals:

High Season: The warmth of the weather and the huge cultural festivities found in July - September make it the ideal time for anyone to book a flight to Singapore. There is a lot of catch in these periods for travelers.

Shoulder Season: The Months of February to April are also pleasant months to travel as the weather is not too cold nor hot and one can enjoy all activities and tourist spots. But in reality, not a large tourist population is recorded at this time

Low Season: The cold weather with high rainfall from November to December makes it an unsuitable time travel as it causes inconvenience to the tourists to get around the city and indulge in outdoor activities.

How to reach Singapore:

As quoted, Singapore is easy to reach the destination as many direct non-stop flights will help you reach Singapore from your hometown. Singapore Airlines, Vistara,  Air India, Jet Airways will take you directly to Singapore with no stops in between. The frequency and the Comfort of flights are high and they are operating daily.

 In reality, the vacation to Singapore starts the moment you book your flight tickets as holidaying was never too easy. One or two cruises do operate from India that operate between India and Singapore but the frequency is very low.

Direct Flights to Singapore from India. Are available from Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai, Kolkata.

How to get around during Singapore Trip:

Singapore does not promote private transport and has built an excellent internal transportation network that is tourist-friendly which helps you move around conveniently and at a low price. There are various ways:


It is considered an ideal model of transportation with extensive connectivity throughout. All the major tourist attractions are located within walking distance of the metro stations. In Singapore, it is called mass rapid transit (MRT) and it is widely used by everyone.


Called LRT's, Buses are another cheap transportation mode offered by Singapore which offers you a beautiful view but takes greater time than metros. Tourist passes can also be available which allows you to travel cash-free and easily at affordable prices

Taxis in Singapore:

Taxis are a less frequently used mode of transportation used by tourists as the MRT can take you anywhere in no time and at agreeable prices. Taxis must be taken only in case of a time crunch or to take off routes as they are more costly. In most cases, these taxis are metered nut one should check the fares before boarding and must be very aware in the new city.

Tourist places  in Singapore:

Little India

Little India in Singapore is a "home away from home" experience that can proudly flaunt its rich colorful beauty and diverse culture and heritage. Stacked with small shops dealing in the handicrafts of India to eateries serving Indian Food, it's a heavenly place for Indian Immigrants settled in Singapore which can never make them feel homesick.

Go out for the famous little India heritage walk and you will realize how beautiful exploring your roots staring at other trees can be. This Ethnic region holds a large number of local markets to give travelers a good shopping experience.

Kampong Glam

The night moon sky shining on the Singapore River with majestic sultan Mosque is a sight you will only imagine in stories of Arabic nights. With Singapore's Meditation connection, this place spells magic around with its charm, hustle-bustle, and flea markets on weekends.

The magnificent Sultan Mosque glitter up the place as you will find many Turkish and Mediterranean food stalls lining both sides of the street. The colorful Haji Lane—a row of multi-label stores, quirky boutiques as well as hip bars and cafes is a delight for Shopaholics.

You can even dive into the Arabic fairytales in this area as it showcases a variety of Persian carpets, kebaya (traditional nonya dress) dresses, and handmade perfumes from Arab Street and Bussorah Street. This Ethnic and rich area witnesses how different cultures and ideas can co-exist in one locality and how beautiful unity in diversity can be.

Siloso Beach

Singapore has a lot to offer when it comes to the scenic beauty of flora and fauna. Siloso Beach, Sentosa can be the right place to catch so. This beautiful island is an escape for those who want to party in the open under the moonlight and in the middle of the soft sound of water.

Bordered by small restaurants, you will find youngsters on this beach mostly during the weekend to party and spend a quality of time with their companions.

 It receives a majority of the hip crowd. It offers you a wide variety of activities to keep you engaged and an opportunity to create a lot of memories. ON Siloso beach, you can catch beach clubs, adventure parks, etc., and some coolest themed cafes. The hype, buzz, and ambiance are what make it special.

Indian restaurants  in Singapore:

The food of Singapore is considered to be one of the best dishes one can taste in one lifetime. Good food backed up by good ambiance and good service is what makes the restaurants in Singapore.

The multi-cultural themes and the weirdly familiar ambiance created by them for their guests make the following restaurants worth a try location. Heavily influences by Chinese food, nowadays the European and Middle Eastern menus and taking over the minds of the crowd.

Corner House: This magical place within the wilderness of the beautiful garden can make you question how delicious green can be. Served by the passionate chef Jason Tan. He has his ways with green vegetables and how he uses them to create his signature dishes like New Zealand cod, the fabulous Maine lobsters, and the most famous Japanese Toriyama beef. This place can be your romantic evening fantasy in the middle of a garden with light and soft ambiance and delicious food with good service.

Kailash Parbat- Desi Indian Option

It's a place in Singapore whose menu will leave you surprised about the various typical desi Indian options they provide ranging from Panipuri in Singapore to pav bhaji as the main course. With soothing Indian ambiance and decor, it's a heaven for vegetarians in Singapore who always want to spice up their taste buds. Located on 3 Belilios Road, it's worth a visit.

It's the best when compared to all other north Indian selling stalls in Singapore with very efficient staff and quick service. Some must-try options from the menu are Panipuri, Pav Bhaji, Rabri, Samosa Chaat, Chole Bhature, Hyderabadi Biryani, Papdi Chaat, and much more. They only accept Cash and no alcohol is being served.

Open Farm Community: Farm Fresh Food

Open Farm Community is an affordable and delicious place to spend your money to surprise your tummy with the best of dishes. The freshness of food and high-quality ingredients make this place different from the rest where the fresh vegetables are fetched from the adjoining garden. It's a beautiful place one can dine at and it focuses on making your food and your experience more scrumptious. The scent of the play can even make your full-filled tummy ravenous.

Hua Bee Restaurant: Singaporean Dishes

What's the fun if you don't try Singaporean food in Singapore? Hua bee Restaurant lets you have regional cuisines at affordable prices. The high-quality food, a stronghold of culture, and the aura make it a beautiful place to dine at. Known for its famous vinegar-laced bak chor mee, which is are noodles with minced meat, this 50-year-old establishment evokes a lively charm which you are bound to enjoy. This Place even enjoys famous Japanese cocktails and a fusion of Singaporean dishes with the Japanese flavor. Those who always want to surprise their senses must give this place a try.

Tandoor- Indian Food

If you are craving Indian food, then you must move your wheels towards Tandoor on 11 Cavenagh Road, Singapore which will tickle your taste buds and will make your experience more delicious. Known for its good service, Decor, and ambiance, the lip-smacking dishes being served includes Butter Chicken, Saffron Rice, Mango Curry, Crab Masala, Tandoori Chicken, Kulfi, Papadum, etc. With amazing reviews and good responses, it is affordable and accepts payment in both cash and cards.

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