My Andaman Holiday with a Visit to Ross and Smith Islands

Ross and Smith Island with Baratang Tour

My outing to Andaman Nicobar Island with Ross and Smith Island:

I have consistently been extremely for each Holiday occasion, and a couple of months back, I just couldn't handle my fervor when we, at last, chose to go for our much-anticipated outing to Andaman. My folks and I needed everything to be simply great and that is the reason we chose to contact the Andaman occasion master organizer.

 We started our 9-day getaway to Andaman and Nicobar Islands around mid-walk and took a departure from Delhi to Port Blair. Port Blair is the solitary city in this group of islands with an air terminal. Following a long five-hour morning flight, we were amazingly drained however the outside demeanor of Andaman mystically resuscitated us all.

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We were picked up from the airport by a driver arranged by our travel agent( Club Holiday) and he dropped us at our hotel. We spent the rest of the day at Corbyn Cove Beach, Cellular Jail, and enjoyed the Light and Sound Show. The next day, we left for Havelock on a ferry.

Radhanagar beach in Havelock is very famous and after spending a full day on the beach I realized that it is famous for all the right reasons. We spent our next day on Elephant Beach in Havelock and I tried snorkeling for the first time.

Trust me, it was worth all the hype. The next morning, we sailed to Neil Islands and we explored its spell bounding beaches. After a wonderful day, we traveled back to Port Blair and spent our two days there, resting and exploring North Bay and Ross Islands. 

After this began the favorite part of my trip! The next morning, we started super early from Port Blair to Diglipur as we had a stopover at Baratang Islands in between and decided to stay at Rangat for that day.

This part of the trip was going fairly smoothly. We decided to go to Diglipur the next day, take a shared fiber boat to Ross and Smith Islands and then return to Diglipur for a stay.

Ross and Smith Island are very popular and are a jewel and the most beautiful part of Andaman & Nicobar this twin island is known beyond words for its beauty. To access these islands, we drove to Aerial Bay to get a permit and a ferry. Permits are issued by a forest department and fibers boats (wooden boats are no longer allowed) can be hired from the same place either individually or you can club it with a group to bring down the cost.

We were 3 people and we chose to pool with another group which cost us 400 rupees per person

Ross and Smith Islands are unique in the sense that during the low tide a sand bar emerges from the sea surface connecting two islands and you can walk from one. island to Another Island. It is covered with green canopies and sustains a village life around turquoise water.

You can even indulge in water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. The entry fee cost us about 80 bucks per person in the adult category. The camera cost us an additional fee of 30 rupees. The overnight night is not allowed in Ross and Smith Islands and that is why we were heading back to Diglipur for a night's stay.

While on our trip to Ross Islands, we spotted mesmerizing views of Saddle peak and other peaks of North Andaman. We caught a hazy underwater glimpse of golden sandbars underwater when we were about to reach the island but due to high tide, we couldn't see it properly.

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The guide told us that the high tide will clear off after 2 hours and then we can walk over the sandbars to the island. Smith islands are comparatively bigger and sustain village lives deep into the forest off-limits for tourist access.

 We strolled around smith island and caught the mesmerizing sunset which played a game of colors with the seawater. On either side of the islands, there is a different view where on one side you will find colorful marine life while on the other side, distant peaks of North Andaman in the foreground of the emerald green bay will leave you awestruck.

When the tide went low, we even crossed through the golden sandbar in the middle of the sea to reach the white sand Ross Islands. The best part is that every minute, the colors around the sky and water keep on changing.

After spending my best day at Ross and Smith islands, we with a heavy heart took a boat back to Aerial Bay. We had a last but everlasting view of this island and then took a ride back to Diglipur. Later, we drove back to Port Blair and took a flight back home. It was the best and the most beautiful trip that one can ever have.

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 A trip to Ross and Smith Island was like a trip to Heaven, and I would like to go there again and again.