Prices Of Top water Sports In Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Priuces for Water Sports in Andaman

Prices of Topwater Sports Activities in Andaman

Andaman is a nice place to engage in watersports, and you need not worry even if you do not have mastery over Swimming, but you should have the heart to plunge in Seawater with life Jacket on you. A tourist can engage in multiple watersports activities spread across various Islands of Andaman, facilities in Andaman is not less than any other Parts of the worlds like Phuket

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Here is a list of some Activities of that You can negotiate and buy on the spot after tough negotiation. Explore some customizable Andaman Holiday Packages by Club Holiday. 

 Banana Boat Rides: Exciting o ride for 6 people on the Banana shaped Boat tied behind a Speedboat.  costing Rs 250/- PP Best Place – Havelock and Port Blair.

Snorkeling: opt for Snorkeling to see underwater marine life costing Rs 900 to 5000 per person; Best place: Best place: Elephant beach, North Bay and Jollyboat

Scuba Diving: A non-swimmer can go for Scuba Diving at various places in Andaman. But Elephanta beach in Havelock Island is the Best. Costing Rs 3500 to Rs 6000.00

Parasailing: A mix of Water and Airborne sports, Parasailing is excellent adventure sports for Nonswimmer costing Rs 3000- Rs 4000. Best place: Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

Undersea Walking: Absolutely no Expertise Required, just walking on Silky sands. Best at Elephant Beach in Havelock at Rs Rs 350/- PP.

Jet Skiing: A good weather sports are best done in Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex
Cost: INR 600 per person.

Speed Boating: Good for Both swimmer and Nonswimmer inside the safety of a speed Boat at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Cost is INR 2250 per person.

Sport Fishing or Angling: Go on a fishing trip in one of the posh yachts. Mostly these journeys begin in the afternoon, post-lunch. Oh, and yes, you can cook and eat the prizes you catch on your fishing trip. Isn’t it pretty exciting?
Best place: , Port Blair Havelock, Cost. Rs 13000.00

Glass Bottom Boating: It is certainly a remarkable experience and one of the premium sea sports in Andaman. So, Go on the Glass Bottom Boating when you are at the Andaman Islands This is Available at almost all the Island s of Andaman and Cost Rs 2500 Per boat. 

Seaplane Ride: Andaman is the only place in India with Commercial Seaplane activity, operated by Pawan Hans. You can fly between Islands on These Sea Planes Costing 3500 Onward per person

Kayaking: A excellent option to explore wildlife and islands through Mangrove Kayaking in Backwaters of Havelock. The best place to engage in Kayaking in Andaman is Havelock Island. It cost around Rs 2250.00, though it all depends on your negotiation skills.

An Andaman Holiday is nothing without water sports activities, Club holiday provides Complimentary snorkeling in Elephant Beach Tour. You should opt for Activities on site after negotiating prices and having a careful look at equipment quality. A Tourist May engage in such watersport’s activities during their Kerala Holidays.