How Not to be Cheated On Holiday Packages?

Travel planning tips to be safe from fraud

How to Book Safe Holiday Packages

Our Ever-increasing workload, time shortage, and search for another promotion will leave you exhausted at the end of the day. This daily tension gives you an urge to leave everything and run away...... running away to a remote lonely place, where no one is troubling you with the business reports, Balance sheet examination...... new budget declarations… and so on.

Do you want to stop this pain, and plan to run away, in search of peace? The name for this running away from tension is Holiday. The holiday is a must for the health of your body, mind, and soul.

Do you want to be a machine or be a Human again? Decide it. So you are planning to run away, in search of peace? Ok! You have decided to be a Human and take a Holiday break.

Simply plan a Holiday? But you don’t have time and information about the destination. How will you choose the right time to visit, the right hotel, the Correct Flight?

Oh! Yes, you know a good Travel agent in your colony and you will get a good deal from him. Beware: You may be Cheated as you trusted him blindly. Blind trust is a recipe for fraud and cheating.

Don't trust him to do your homework……Oh! Sorry, you don't have time so you have no option but to trust your travel agent but trust with the below facts to avoid being taken for a ride.                                           Andaman Holiday with Baratang island Holiday: Blog 

Usually, a Mixture of Flights, Resorts, and taxis for local sights seen at an economical price is taken as a good holiday Package. By this logic, all cakes are good cakes,  as all are made with a paste of milk, and flour cooked in Oven. A good cook does a lot more things like the timing of mixing milk with flour, the heat of an oven, the strength of paste…….etc.

The right mixture of all physical ingredients and human judgment is key to any Cooking, be it cake or a Holiday package. The holiday Package is similar. Right Mixing is the key.

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 For example, A 3 Night Shimla package of Rs 10000/- is Costlier than a 3 Night Shimla Package of Rs 11340. How it is so? You are asking me to pay an extra Rs 1340/- and saying it is Cheaper. Please explain it to me.

Yes, my dear friend Paying extra is economical ……. as at the end of the day you will realize that your expenses were more than your expectations because you booked a cheaper package. You are again stressed.

An antidote to stress has become the cause of stress. Proof of Pudding is in eating, before eating all cakes look the same and good. The same logic applies to Holidays

Why did your Holiday cost go up?

You are wondering how come my cost went up when every calculation was correct. You start wondering that I, as a chief financial Advisor of the company, handle bigger accounts than where did I made a mistake.

My Friend, every trade has some tricks to hide the real facts and you are good at your game but you were playing a game where your travel agent is a champion.

Trust your Agent after checking his Google reviews, ignore 5 to 6 reviews of the Travel agency, these reviews may be fake or fabricated. Check the Period over which these reviews are posted. We hope Next time you Visit keep the following in mind

Understand the Difference between itinerary and inclusions in Holiday Booking:

Often traveler overlooks the inclusions and focuses on the itinerary only. The itinerary tells you " what you can do on in this trip duration" but Inclusion tells you what is included in this package price. whereas the itinerary tells you the "what You Can Do" list. Most of the time traveler thinks all that is mentioned in the itinerary are included in the package.
Taxes Included?

Taxes and duties are an area where some costs are hidden in a cleverly written policy. Clarify whether taxes included means all sorts of, Toll, Levy, Duty, GST, Local Tourism Tax, Green tax.

Location of Hotels:

Usually, travel agents are under pressure to give a very good economical price. You get a good hotel away from the main tourist location at a cheaper price but you will end up paying Rs 500/- extra on taxi fare by saving Rs 100/ on Hotel Price. Travel agents provide your car on "as per itinerary basis", and you end up paying more for ala-carte Dinner at the hotel Menu Price and cab charges. A travel agent doesn't include a negotiated price dinner, as it will inflate the visible total cost. It means what looks cheap may not be Cheap, i.e. all that glitters is not gold.

Normally pictures and prices are the Yardstick of a selection of Hotels contrary to Location and cost you dearly once you have reached the hotel. The location of the hotel can make or break your holiday as such it should be given utmost importance.

Selection of Train and Flight Timing is Important in Holiday Planning 

Tough every section is very important in the creation of a good holiday Package but Flight timing is very important and you need a lot of expertise, exposure, and experience in addition to distances to make a perfect selection of time for your flight. Early morning flights are preferred and somewhat costly, but this small extra charge gives you extra time.

 Note that nothing extra comes free. Be prepared to pay extra time for extra convenience. For the sake of cheaper holiday deals, your Agent will try to push the inappropriate flight

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 Cheap will give you cheap only not the Best. Simply go for the best-planned packages as when you visit the doctor you will not say give me the Cheapest advice and medicine. The same policy should be applied in terms of Holiday Packages. Keep in Mind Best does not mean Expensive, it means balanced

 Luggage Inclusion in Flights

 Many holiday packages give you a good price but smartly remove flight luggage from it if you are price-centric only you may miss it and run it later. The international budget carrier may exclude your luggage, and charge you a hefty amount at the airport.

Your agent will give a quoted price without any luggage flight to show a better price. Most of the clients look for a Price Tag only in the quote. His mind is Numb to inclusions and exclusions.

 Be attentive There is more to the written price on the Package. Your quest and Request to beat another agent's price make an agent play these games with you. Your mission to get a cheap holiday deal, instead of a good planned deal, makes an agent do a cheap holiday.

 A good Travel Agent balances all these factors, to give you a memorable Holiday Trip. 

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