Planning For Phuket Trip

Phuket holiday activities

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and a favorite of Southeast Asian travelers. The natural beauty of Phuket attracts more than 6 million travelers to plan a holiday in Phuket island. Tourists flock to Phuket to rejoice and engage in fun and frolic at its Pristine beaches, clear waters, luxury resorts and hotels, luxurious spas, adrenaline shooting adventure activities, and a vibrating nightlife. So, whether you’re planning Phuket tour with friends and family or someone close to your heart, Phuket's going to cater to your every need as this island has all sorts of activities ranging from river rafting, caves exploration and island hopping.  Phuket has something for everyone irrespective of age and sex.

Popular Beaches of Phuket

 1. Patong Beach                                                

Visits For:  Vibrating nightlife, water sports like jet-skiing, banana rides, parasailing, etc.

Long and Vibrating beach of Patong is most loved and people flock to immediately to this place after arriving on the island. The beach is crowded and live, especially during the night when party time is at its peak. But while it's hot and going, if you're looking for a quiet and relaxed patch of sand to bum around on, it's probably not for you.2. Karon & Kata Beaches Recommended. Patong beach is the essence and soul of any Phuket Tour.

2. Kata and Korong Beach

Best for:  Total Privacy and water sports activities.

Karon and Kata beach of Patong is little away (12 Km) from happening Patong Beach. The Water in Kata beach is cleaner, the sand is whiter and the atmosphere is  relaxed.If you want to relax with a bottle of beer in hand and watch a lovely sunset over the ocean, the smooth beach bars of Kata is ideal.

3. Big Buddha & Wat Chalong Popular

Best For: Culture, Sightseeing, and stunning views

 This is a massive Buddha's white marble statue sparkling 45 m in height. This Statue of the Budha is a landmark. Perched on a small hill that provides amazing views over the Bay of Chalong.

 This is Phuket City's largest and most visited temple. Most travelers visiting Phuket enjoy this serene and colorful place of worship.

4. Promthep Cape

 Best For: Awe-inspiring sunset view

 If you are a lover of nature, this point of view is a must-see. Witnessing a beautiful sunset, it is the best spot in Phuket. Several small and nearby islands and the Nai Harn beach are also visible from this point. Tip: Take a hike to the southernmost point to avoid the bulk of the crowd that piles up at night. Always, make sure you wear a pair of comfortable hiking shoes.

5 . Karon Viewpoint

Best For: Fantastic view of the Ocean.

This is actually in Kata, though named Karon, and provides spectacular ocean views. On a clear day, you will be stunned by excellent and amazing view of 3 beaches if you walk up the steps to the top.

Art Museums

6.Trick Eye Museum & Upside-Down House

 Both the Upside-Down House and Trick Eye Museum are unconventional art museums with remarkable shows. The Trick Eye Museum has 3Dimentional sculptures of a life-size that look like they might pop out suddenly on your face. Be at your most imaginative, and click with them on silly pictures. Another fun place to click nice pictures, Upside-Down House is built by its name, with every object turned upside down.

Ticket Price: Museum Trick Eye: Rs 1125/, House Upside-down: Rs 900/-

7. Siam Niramit and Phuket Fantasia   

Best For: Pure, great treat to eyes.

Both Phuket Siam Niramit and Fantasea are cultural shows that tell unique ways of the Thai story.

Siam Niramit utilizes amazing set pieces to take you back in time. Hundreds of actors put on a show in bright outfits, both entertaining and teaching

Phuket Fantasea is more of a circus-type show with stuntmen pulling off stunts that defy gravity. Add to that adorable tigers and elephants making jumps and leaps, magical impressions and fireworks and you have a visual display for yourself.Ticket Costs: FantaSea Phuket: Rs 3,650/- Niramit Siam: Rs 2,130/ Simon Cabaret Popular

8. Bungee Jumping in Phuket

Best For Adrenaline Pushers

Enthusiasts of adventure lovers do not need a lesson on the fun of bungee jumping. Shoot up the adrenaline by jumping to one of Phuket's many picturesque areas.

Costs: Rs 4,500/ for a single jump including a certificate and insurance.

9. Zipline

Best For Wildlife and adventure lovers

You wanted to be Tarzan in your childhood, here you get a chance to Be Tarzan for one day and ride at breakneck speed from one tree to another. A soothing feeling is the brush of fresh jungle air as you drive over the forest floor. Your tour includes walking on sky bridges made of woods build high above the jungle also includes a small zipline course. Finally, with the help of a rope, you descend to the forest floor. It makes for an exclusive way of exploring the wild!

Cost: Rs 4,500/- Per person
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