Andaman Nicobar : A Brief Idea and Introduction

Andaman Tour Package for Summer Holiday

Beach Holiday in Andaman Nicobar Islands:

India has a very long coastline but few good beaches of world-class quality. Despite having such a long coastline, Indians go to Phuket and Krabi to enjoy a good beach vacation. Traveling outside India involves a lot of costs and having to follow a lot of visa and passport formalities. Tourists due to budget restrictions and visa formalities opt for an Andaman Holiday Packages.

Indian tourists seeking a beach holiday in India may be planning a good holiday in Andaman Nicobar Islands as it is a cheaper option and has all the tourism infrastructure required. It welcomes many tourists with family and children to enjoy the Summer Holiday in Andaman.

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar and it has the only Civilian Airport and Sea Port infrastructure, hence your Andaman holiday start from Port Blair. Andaman & Nicobar consists of around 600 small and big Islands. Approximately 36 islands are inhabited by tribal and civilians. Few Islands are out of binding for civilians are not allowed to visit, inhabited by tribal only.

Neil Island and Havelock give you no reason to choose any other Beach holiday destination in India. The major tourist attraction of Andaman vacations is Cellular Jail, Coral Islands, Bella Bay Dinner Cruise in Port Blair, Water sports in Elephanta beach, and clean beaches of Neil Islands. Andaman is very economical during summer in India, except in May, due to school Summer Vacations. You can plan Andaman Holiday any time but you need to be little cautious during Monsoon days about planning an Andaman tour.

Normally, your first and Last night of hotel stay of your Andaman Tour should be in Port Blair as the rough sea may delay or postpone your arrival from havelock or Neil Island to take your flight from Port Blair Airport.

You have to take a luxury private or government cruise to go to these islands. No other mode of transport is available to commute between Havelock- Neil- Port Blair. Though expensive Charted Seaplane or Helicopter ride Can be booked, if Available. Private Ferry tickets should be booked in advance before travel date through authorized travel agents, but Govt ferry tickets can be booked only on ticket Counters at least 3 Days in Advance.

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Club Holiday is a favorite Makruzz ferry booking agent. Land transport is easily available in Andaman, and you can use all modes of transport such as buses, boats, ferries and private taxis on your Andaman trips.

Taxi is not accessible on an hourly or daily basis here but is available point-to-point. The British Empire had established islands like Havelock, Neil, and Ross & Smith, This Island has everything to offer in Andaman Nicobar's Water Sports. Water Sports facilities are accessible in the Andaman Islands of Havelock, Neil and North Bay Island. If you pick any other Cruise Holiday destination in India in these summer months you will waste your money.