Planning a Leh Holiday

Leh Holiday

Planning a Leh Holiday

The untouched beauty of Leh and Ladakh has made it the hottest place in the tourist circuit and has become a craze among hills and adventure lovers to plan a Leh holiday. People are Confused and usually take Leh and Ladakh as the same location, but Ladakh is a district, and Leh town is a district headquarters. Before planning your trip to Leh- Ladakh, there are some important points to be aware of.  

It is always advisable to know about the location before planning a holiday, here are a few facts you must know about before you buy a Leh holiday pa

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 Ladakh is more than Leh town it has many other places like Nubra valley and Zanskar valley to Explore, apart from Kargil and Dress Sector and it may take months to explore the entire region.

High altitude and lack of good road network make most of Ladakh, reachable by foot only and much of it is beyond civilian reach all of it is a Himalayan high-altitude area, but expanding road network and better tourist infrastructure are luring tourists to plan a holiday on Rooftop of India.

Law of Nature rules here in Ladakh

Regular Busses services link to the rest of Ladakh and Srinagar with Leh by the public. Leh has the only civil airport in the entire region. ? Being the headquarters of the district as well as the transport originating and merging point for all travelers visiting Leh-Ladakh, Leh has the modern time comfort and facilities that come close to the infrastructure of town that tourists are used to.

Although enjoying those comforts, it is important to keep aware that Ladakh-Leh is a snow desert of high elevation. Natural resources are scarce, such as air and water. Wasting something on this is blasphemy.

Altitude acclimatization in Ladakh:

Altitude acclimatization is a challenge for tourists on Leh's tour and it means giving some time to your body to adjust to thin oxygen levels in Ladakh. Doctors recommend 3 days of total rest to fully adjust, but some small steps will help you overcome this challenge.  

Drink more water and Keep on hydrated. The cold weather does not mean you are feeling hungry. Yet at high elevations, water is your best friend.

Alcohol is also the biggest enemy, too. Do yourself a favor, and remove alcohol from your travel plans for Ladakh.

Treat things cautiously. Small steps Careful. Walking at a snail's pace. Climbing a single stairwell can cause you to gasp for air. Luckily, there's no train to catch here and you can travel around the world all the way.

How to reach Leh?

 As of now only two roads lead to Ladakh from the Rest of India, A third one should soon emerge as an exciting, although longer, option via Zanskar, it is still under construction) 1. Srinagar- Leh highway. 2. Manali- Leh High way.

Many airlines operate daily flights to Leh from Delhi and Srinagar. When the climate is clear on the Leh trip you can expect to see some remarkable views of the Himalayan Mountain Range, When the high-altitude motorable passes are unreachable during the wintertime, Air transportation is the only option to enter Ladakh.

Jammu is the nearest railway station. A rail track to Ladakh is a determined, announced project. Once completed it's going to be a genius of engineering. We're a couple of years from seeing that happen, once that project is accomplished Leh is going to be the most visited place in India as well as Reduce the Cost of Ladakh Holiday Packages.

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Club holiday has many Leh and Ladakh holiday packages from Delhi with the flight. Tourists looking for similar experiences may Plan a Bhutan Holiday Package. Contrasting holiday destinations with the beautiful beaches of Phuket and Andaman is a good option to Explore.