Planning a Andaman Holiday Packages

How to Plan Andaman Tour Package

Planning an Andaman Holiday Package:

Timing is important in planning a perfect tour package, it is more relevant if you are planning a holiday in Andaman.  You can create your own Andaman tour package if you take the below-mentioned facts in mind.

Booking Cheap Flights to Port Blair:

Flight cost is the most prohibitive part of any Holiday package, same is equally true in case of flight to Port Blair. Port Blair has direct flights from a few selected cities – Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. From the rest of India, it is either a one-stop flight or a connecting flight.  Flight cost is very expensive during peak season and closer to Your traveling date. Travel website tie-up with Airline and block a few seats, if flight prices are expensive you can go to these travel sites and buy a complete package if it makes economic sense.

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Hotels and Resort Booking in Andaman:

You can get a good standard hotel or resort stay for Rs 3500/- per night per room, this cost will vary depending on the type, location and season. Hotels in Port Blair are much cheaper than hotels in Havelock and Neil Island. You may look for hotels on travel websites like and Agoda .com to get a deal.  Travel agent keeps some good tourist hotel room in stock to sell as a Travel package. Keep in mind that your last night stay should be in Port Blair. Return ferry may get canceled if the weather is bad, so you might end up getting stuck in Havelock. Be sure to be back in Port Blair the night before your return flight.



3. Local Transport in Port Blair/Andamans

Taxi In Andaman: 

Taxis are insanely expensive in Andaman.

Online Taxi apps such as Ola/uber are not available in Portbalir, but overpriced Taxis are easily available in Port Blair but you may have to struggle to find a taxi in Havelock and Neil Island. Taxis do not run here on Meter but hourly and distance. Distance and time are from Garage to Garage, not between your pickup and drop point. Auto rickshaw Prices are very reasonable in Andaman.


City buses are also available. If you have lots of time or can spend some time and effort to figure out which one works for you, then you can save even more. In Havelock, the city bus can take you to Radhanagar beach for Rs 12 per person as against Rs 700 in a taxi. But the islands have very few buses. Port Blair has plenty of private buses shuttling around.

Boat rides: Andaman has many small and big islands; the boat is also a major mode of transportation. Boat services operate at a fixed charge per passenger, shown at prominent locations. Tourists can take Makruzz ferry to Havelock and back, one way at Rs 1200 per person. There is a government ferry that is much cheaper but takes longer. Rajiv Gandhi Complex boats operate at a fixed rate from Rajiv Gandhi watersports to Ross Island, North Bay, Viper Island, etc., as shown below.

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Bike rentals: Tourists can explore the island on your own by renting out bikes and scooters (like Activa) on rent. If you are traveling with family this option may not be viable for you.

Self-drive cars- Not available. Unfortunately, none of the self-drive car rental agencies (Myles, Zoomcar, etc) have a presence in Andamans as of now.


Helicopter Shuttle: If you are lucky and adventurous, you can try for a seat in a helicopter. The government operates few helicopter services between Port Blair-Havelock and few other main islands. The cost per seat is Rs 1500 for tourists, Rs 600 for locals. In terms of time taken, this is very effective and the view it offers from the air. But the catch here is that in a helicopter there are only a few seats (around 6 to 7, lots of baggage size, weight restrictions and weight, etc. I'm told these are often taken up on' urgent jobs' by government officials.  There is no apparently trouble-free way to check availability and book a seat on a helicopter. (There is a website but usefulness is limited). Helicopter service is also weather dependent. So, you can't count on taking a helicopter ride to your destination, in my opinion. But just try yours


If you need a helicopter entirely for yourself, you can rent one at a cost of about 1.1 lakh per hour. Not just flying, even waiting time is billed heavily.

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