Summer Holiday Travel Deals 2020


Summer Holiday Packages Offers:

Summer Time is school vacation time, means it is a Summer Holiday Time:

The summer in India is scorching hot and humid and it is almost impossible to work in such a hot Weather. School declare approximately 60 days holiday to beat the heat and stay at home, but children take it as chance to go on a refreshing holiday to some cool and calm holiday.  India being a very large geographical area it has many Cool and good station to enjoy your Holidays.

Some good Summer Holiday Packages are

Kashmir Holiday Packages:

Kerala Holiday Packages                                             

Shimla- Manali Holiday Packages

Nainitaal Holiday Packages

Assam and Meghalaya Holiday Packages

Coorg and Ooty Holiday Packages

Andaman Holiday Packages

Bhutan Holiday Packages

Leh Holiday Packages

Darjeeling and Sikkim Holiday Packages: