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How to Plan a Dubai Holiday?

We all wish to be on holiday with our family but do not know where to go. Once you have made up your mind about a place to visit, you should go on to deep research to plan a good holiday itinerary with the help of your travel agent. Dubai the Crowning Glory of Desert is the right place to plan a holiday. We have collected some tourist information to help you in designing a Good Dubai itinerary.

Generally, it is believed that Planning Tour packages are very simple, just book a flight and a resort and hire a car for sight scene activities. It may be simple if you go for a hill station but planning Dubai Holiday Packages is not an easy task as it has several sight scene activities that compete with each other. The assistance of a good Dubai Tour planner is a must to create a good Dubai Tour. It is very simple to book Dubai Holiday Tour Packages on some holiday websites. Given the multiplicity of Dubai Tourist attractions, you should seek the help of a travel agent to Customise your Dubai tour. 

Dubai is a combination of past glory and future hopes. Honored as the Middle East’s Shopping Hub, Dubai offers a variety of travel options to enjoy your Dubai Tour Packages. Dubai's multiple tourist options for all income and age groups have made Dubai a favorite Indian tourist destination. 

Dubai Holiday is an Indians ' Dream International Vacation for most middle-income group Indians. Dubai can be imagined under the sunny shades on the beach, with tongues well versed in English and Arabic, as one of those grand regal sandcastles that every child creates on their holiday. It's a lively city that grows from plain sands and with aspirations as big as the marvels it has built.

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 Dubai is a place that has multiple tourist Attractions that caters to the needs of different age and income group. Your Travel agent should create a Dubai holiday package that should include most of them after gauging your budget and taste.

Select some of the below Dubai sight scene activities to be included in Dubai Tour Packages: Dubai has countless numbers of Tourist attractions for all income groups, ages, and tastes and you can modify your Dubai Holiday trip with the below-mentioned tours. Another place with so Much Tourist Activity in Singapore Holiday. 

Burj Khalifa

Certainly, Burj Khalifa can be the “highlight” of your Dubai trip! Along with its constant flirting with skies and it always flaunting its engineering expertise, Burj Khalifa provides a plethora of activities to be engaged and enthralled by. 

The 163-floor tower provides you with various fine dining options with wine glasses and shining forks, with literal "high" class options and varieties to choose from. The different floors record the top-quality service of Armani hotel with some residential or business suites and restaurants along with two observatories on the top floors.

The observatories are on 122nd and 148th floors unwrapping visual surprises for the viewers. It is surrounded by parks whose flowers inspired the structure of Burj Khalifa. The grace of this miracle is upgraded by a fountain show held outside the tower. Any Dubai tour remains incomplete without a tour to Burj Khalifa Tower.

Dhow Cruise

Sailing through the water with the soft babbling sounds of the famous Dubai creek with your ears catching the unexplored tunes of Tanura dance, the Dhow cruise experience is a perfect evening idea for anyone. Offering you the option of enjoying an exotic meal on the stable waves, the Dhow cruise captures the ancient smell of Dubai creek and various old sites on the way. 

The musical aura, with bellies replicating the melodies and ultra-modern dinner date for a romantic escape, makes it all special. There is too much to catch in this silence. Most of the tourists on Holiday to Dubai include the Dhow cruise.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

This long drive through the Ferrari world promises the drivers a good mileage for money, Fast and furious speed, an authentic wheel at your whims but no brakes to your fun! The fuel-powered energy of the Ferrari world catches the screams traveling through the roller coasters, the every day shows that tinkle your laughing bellies, and the shopping centers to catch everything new.

Ferrari world lets you experience the thrilling spread it always promised its customers, away from the busy roads, on the world's fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa. It helps you to keep track of what's cooking in the factories of the brand and even drive those engineering marvels. The wonderland features a cinematic film of Enzo Ferrari and a tire change show to keep their guests entertained.

Bollywood Park

This park is inspired by Bollywood movies. The celebration of the Indian film industry has never been this grand! The air of this theme-based park, smells of the romance of the DDLJ, the sirens chasing Don, the spirit of Dabanng, the excitement of Lagaan, the supernatural vibe of Krrish, and what not?

The Bollywood Masala is not the spiciest thing to taste on this land but it also offers a wide range of eating joints to pamper yourselves. The adventure rides with dramatic cinematic turns and the adrenaline rush like those of Bollywood climaxes will leave you happily teary!’ 

Motion Gate

The city of Dubai is spelled with the magic of reels and rolls. With Bollywood Park saluting the emotions of Indian Cinema, motion Gate is an ode to the prodigies of Hollywood. Motion Gate showcases the themes inspired by the works of DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lions Gate, and The Smurfs. Hollywood-inspired food menus and shopping experiences make you feel a part of this animated reality whereas the rides based on the hunger games fil adaptation or how to train your dragon concepts just make your day. The Smurfs studio is a breathing dream for every Hollywood fan! This place is just about ……… & action!

Lego Land

Dubai is known for its Kids-friendly Dubai Holiday Attractions Lego land is a family-theme-based adventure park and will surprise you with 40+ rides and a water park! Being the first Legoland Park to open in the Middle East, it enjoys its monopoly of fun and adventure.

It is based on the fictional character, Lego, and has six themed zones namely: Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure, and Mini land. Each zone brags it unique fun dissolved in the air and aura. Your kids will be thankful to you for including a tour of Legoland in their Holiday in Dubai.

Atlantis Waterpark

If your Pocket permits you must include a stay at this super Luxury hotel During your Dubai tour.to avail of complimentary rides and funs at the water park and lost chamber. If you are not staying here ask your travel agent to include these activities in your Dubai Itinerary. The pride of Dubai, Atlantis Water park should find a place in your Dubai tour itinerary. 

Atlantis Waterpark is a fun slice of land in The Palm, Atlantis splashing around giggles of young blood and pumping the flow of adrenaline Rush! With only an entry ticket needed with up-gradation required to enter the other Atlantis area zones, it's an all-day fun pass. Children over 1.2 meters tall need to purchase an Adult Ticket.

It offers navigation through the sharks or other floating creatures with a complete island dedicated to the splashing spree. Here, just feed yourselves or those mesmerizing creatures among the blues and greens. Like life, the rides take you to your highs and lows and end you up in deep water with us playing your lifeguards. A must-do activity to be part of your Dubai vacation. 

Dubai Delphinium

Your kids will love to be in Delphinium in Dubai. Dubai is the city that not only captures marvels of architecture but also offers the purity, the visitors on Dubai Holiday wish to experience. The Dubai Delphiniums is a live example that captures the serenity of dolphin and seal shows as well as the entertaining bird shows. It provides you a whole sum experience of swimming with the dolphins, or mirror-mazing, getting literally "high" on the trampolines, or recording the cinematic experiences. It is an escape to reality! Dubai Trip will enrich and enlighten your kids intellectually.

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The Lost Chamber of Aquarium

It’s a completely new world to dive into. Walking through gallons of water with millions of creatures unaware of your presence just makes you feel a part of their world. You can touch some of them like starfishes in touch tanks or discover the hidden secrets of this lost city of Atlantis underground. Snorkel is complete family water touring experience that lets you feel the natural living habitat of your new companion in the sea. It does not require any swimming knowledge. The Atlantis dive lets the beginners taste a sip of scuba diving. This activity is free for the guests who stay in Palm Atlantis. This activity will be loved by couples as well as families. 

Miracle Land

With eyes catching the lights and ears capturing the ancient melodies, you can overwhelm your senses with the scent of wonder garden country. One of Dubai's most beautiful sights, it's a natural garden area with thousands of flowering varieties. This is an oasis in the Desert and you will be fascinated by the variety and décor of the flowers in the Garden

Introduction to the first indoor butterfly garden chasing more than 15,000 butterflies from 26 species, it's a vivid view of your city's black and white vision. In this world of wonders, the floral clock in the garden tick-tocks the lovely time and the aromatic garden is truly a wonderful place to be. Airbus A380 in Dubai's land of wonders is the largest flower structure ever seen by human eyes in history. It’s a nice place to visit with your young kids and they will talk about butterflies after coming back to India.

 Dubai City Tour

Any Dubai Holiday with family and Friends should include a Dubai city tour in their Dubai itinerary. This 4-hour half-day sightseeing venture lets you explore the marvels of Dubai. The tour includes Dubai Museum, water taxi rides through Creek, Burj al Aram, Palm islands, Jumeriah beach, and Burj Khalifa. You can even visit the exciting Spice Souk and shop for bargains in Deira Gold Souk. A Dubai city will let you feel the pulse of Dubai Lifestyle. Dubai City Tour a Nice way to get the feel of Dubai city in a short period. 

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Desert Safari 

Desert Safari is an unforgettable experience and must be included in your Dubai Tour itinerary. Desert safari is a 6-hour fun escape out of the horning roads. The travelers can pamper themselves with barbeques served with the pleasures of cultural performances. Camel Rides and bashing dunes can add to your experiences. You can please yourselves and relax on the notes of Tanura music and enjoy belly dancing. Desert safari helps you experience how serene and rich a cursed land can be. Any Dubai vacation is incomplete without the inclusion of a Desert safari in their Dubai Tour plan. It is a good activity to Push your adrenaline to the Maximum Limit.

Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari world.

Abu Dhabi has many world-class tourist attractions and you need a full day to explore Adu Dhabi City. Abu Dhabi is a full-day tour experience that lets you explore the largest city in the UAE. You can feel the masterpiece of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and admire the Etihad Towers and Palace. Pass through the Ferrari world or take a drive along the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The new attractions of Yas Island will leave you speechless. The tour traces back the history and glorious past of the traditional sands in Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. Visit the City of Abu Dhabi is a must for your Dubai Sight scenes.

Ferrari World and Yas world is a must-see activity for tourists to Dubai, and the Ferrari world should find a place in their Dubai Tour Itinerary. Warner Brother is a new and good addition in Abudhabi for Movie Buffs.

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