Kerala Vs Andaman Holidays

kerala vs andaman holidays

Kerala Holidays Vs Andaman Holidays

It is not easy to plan a vacation, as we as vacation-seeking individuals, get so confused with the diverse set of holiday options that Indian Landscape has to offer us. These options are ranging from historical, coastal, forest, hills, deserts, and beaches like holiday places.

One such confusion is evident when one is choosing between Andaman or Kerala for one’s holiday. This confusion is widespread but is very prominent vis a vis Kerala and Andaman islands.

These two places differ drastically from one another in terms of their culture, activities, beauty, landscape, and hence experience. You can neither pit them against each other nor substitute a trip to one my trip to the other, both are different from each other.

Compared to Kerala, Andaman is more widely and actively appreciated for the small islands and long beaches to the horizon. On top of it, Andaman is an apt location to relax and for leisure as it doesn’t demand much long intra- island travel.

On the other hand, God’s own country, Kerala shot up to fame overnight and became an instant traveler’s favorite because of its green interiors, far from the city's geography, the lush bushes, calming water, and unexplored cultural experiences.

Kerala provides a wholesome experience in itself. Kerala tour involves a lot of traveling starting from Cochin to Trivandram.

Kerala offers more and varied holiday options ranging from Hills, lakes, backwater, and Beaches Compared to Andaman.

Easy access to Kerala from a varied different mode of Transport has made Kerala a little more economical and flexible option.

Now let’s get into details and see where are you heading next? 

This is common for both locations in the sense that you can travel to both places at any time of the year! That’s a bonus for choosing them as your travel destinations.

The weather in both places remains pleasant throughout the year. Hence, whenever you get the rush to travel to these places, the cities welcome you with open skies and a lovely breeze. You are advised not to travel to Andaman in Rainy seasons as Cruise services may get interrupted

Despite that, We at Club Holiday suggest and believe that the beauty of Kerala is enhanced in winters and if possible you must plan accordingly.

The temperature is soothing and the feel is heavenly. To mention, the months from October to April can be considered ideal. If you are looking out for ayurvedic treatments and more natural engagements, we believe that the best months for those would be from June to August.

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In terms of planning when to travel, both Kerala and Andaman are pretty flexible and welcoming at all times.

How long should we stay

Neither Andaman nor Kerala is short of sightseeing spots. Both have a lot to offer to their lovers. But here, we need to decide whether we want a closer experience with palm trees and beaches in Andaman or we need a cultural twist with our Kerala package.

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 Ideally, 9 days is considered a good amount of time for these packages but because Club Holiday understands the time crunch, we suggest 5-6 days for Andaman to get around and a stay of 6 /7 days in Kerala. As per your time availability choose the destination

How much to spend?

Many agents/sites suggest that neither Kerala nor Andaman is pocket-friendly but this is not true. We at the club holiday let you enjoy your vacation without compromising on your budget. And believe us, every penny spent in Kerala and Andaman will never be regretted.

As per our estimates, a basic Kerala package can cost you Rs 12000 per person while an Andaman package costs you around estimate does not include the cost of reaching Kerla and For Andaman packageRs 15000 for a 5 Night Package with Breakfast. This experience is invaluable.

What to do on the trip?

The major difference lies in where can we travel and places we can see in Kerala and Andaman. Here is the list followed by a short description.

1. Munnar: It is the most loved place among the tourists, which is apt for any kind of holiday ranging from honeymoons to a weekend getaway. The weather is lovely throughout and the sight is enhanced by the tea plantations around the city.

The hills are hidden amidst the fog and the green lush bushes look soothing. Homestay in Munnar is a good and affordable option, chosen by many tourists, and hence, you may also consider it.


  1. 1.   Alleppey: Alleppey is a perfect holiday spot well known and appreciated for its backwaters, aquatic activities, and lakes. It allows you to stay in a houseboat among the green showers of nature. It is a place worth exploring. 
  2. 2.  Kumarakom: Kumarakom is a magnet for wildlife lovers and those who resist crowded places. Explore this land if you want to spend some time under open skies partially covered with huge green leaves. Kumarakom is an amalgamation of everything ranging from delicious cuisine offerings to backwaters. They have lovely sites that one can explore.

4. Kovalam: Appreciate the coastal beauty in Kovalam! If you are in search of an ideal place for a vacation with your family, your search ends with Kovalam. It offers something for each member o the family-like sunbathing festivals, fun activities on beaches, medicinal treatments, spa appointments, etc. Some popular Kerala  Holiday tour Packages that you can book or customize are our Kerala  Tour for Family, Kerala tour for a romantic coupleexplore complete KeralaKerala Honeymoon Packagescomfortable Kerala  Package, short Kerala tripKerala tour on the treehouse, and Kerala honeymoon with Honeymoon activities. 

Spots to Visit in Andaman

Andaman is no less! Check out these places in Andaman:


1. North Bay Beach:

It is a place in Andaman that you must visit. The experience will be heavenly. The Octopus Garden is its main attraction but apart from that you can even walk under the sea on this beach and explore and appreciate the rich marine life.

This is what makes this place so so famous. You will be left surprised by the richness and diversity of underwater marine life. Worry not, if you don’t know how to swim. The underwater walk is meant for all.

2. Havelock Island: A trip to Andaman is incomplete without a trip to Havelok. Havelok offers all kinds of water sport activities and gives you all the adrenaline rush. Try out snorkeling and scuba diving in Havelok and you may end up creating some best memories of your lifetime. Hotel stays are also pretty good in Havelock.

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3. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

A trip to Samudrika Naval Marine Museum will not be a typical vacation activity meant for everyone but if you are interested in the history of the island and want to know about some ancient artifacts from Andaman, Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is your place. It connects nature to history. We assure you that you won't be disappointed with this museum.

4. Cellular National Memorial in Port Blair

This is not an ideal location for a vacation but who wouldn’t want to see the places that they have only heard about till now. This place has captured the horrors of the past and one must be a part of this story and be aware of it. Although this place was pretty much destroyed by the Japanese military around world war 2, still this spot has maintained its charm among travelers.

What to shop for?

Though Kerala is unmatched in terms of its cultural offerings and the atmosphere, it doesn’t offer a much wider range of shops to satisfy one’s shopping desires. On the other hand, Andaman never disappoints shopaholics. It offers shops and stores flaunting coastal artifacts, local to the region, especially the magnificent corals and seashells.

How to get around in Andaman?

For Andaman, we recommend getting around on boats and local water taxis to enjoy the real thing and have a hassle-free experience, while in Kerala, a rental car is suggested.

We understand that vacations with closed ones are always great but good research about the trip destination always helps. Do check out our offerings, rates, and inclusions at and let us know what's next on your mind?

Both the places have their charm and beauty and are good for family and honeymoon tour. Planning a tour with the help travel planner will help in adding more fun to your Tour.
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