Indian Food and Restaurants In Bali-Indonesia

Indian Restaurants in Bali

Whenever we travel outside our own country we cannot tolerate alien food for long and start searching for home Food. Many Indians travel to Bali for holidays and long for Indian food in Bali. Bali is a Non-vegetarian society and the problem is compounded for Vegetarian Tourists.

Bali Has a few new good Indian Restaurants that serve both Vegetarian and Jain Food and it is not very costly either, the cost per meal in Bali is Approximately Rs 800.00. Vegetarian Tourist is Advised to Carry some Packed food with them for Emergency in their Holiday Packages. Tourist can Customise their Bali Tour with Dinner. 

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 If you Can't plan a holiday in Bali without Indian food? You don't have to subdue your cravings if you don't see any Spicy food and roasted Punjabi Chicken in a foreign world. When you're so sick of eating the Balinese meal that you can't control your stomach anymore; you don't have to bother!

Bali has many vegetarian and Non-vegetarian restaurants. Here is a list of a few Indian restaurants offering mouth-watering Indian Cuisine in Bali.

1. La Rouge-  Candidasa

If you're fed up with the routine Balinese, European, and Continental cuisine and are longing for some Indian Food in Bali, then make your choice from La Rouge, a restaurant in Candidasa. This spot not only serves outstanding Indian cuisine but also offers you plenty of scrumptious Indonesian and foreign fare.

2. Warung Little India-Ubud

This vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant can make you feel at home not only with its delicious food but also with its typically Indian decor. the pictures of Indian Hindu Gods and Desi film stars and Tibetan flags decorating the wall. The food is cooked using the best imported Indian spices and Indian ingredients, by Indian chefs. You should not miss their Indian Thali, it is a  combination of many dishes such as Indian Street food, naan, samosas curry, daal, raita, vegetables, and  pickles, or their exceptional fresh fruit juice

3. Gateway of India- Kuta Bali, Seminyak, and Sanur  

This is a Big Indian Food chain of vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants in Bali that will let you enjoy your food and yourself. Gateway India is a company belonging to the popular Indian food chain,' Bali Indian Food,' which has five Service outlets across Bali. Whatever part of Bali you're visiting, you can hop here to take a plate full of delightful Indian cuisine. Specializing in South Indian and North Indian cuisines, they do have decent choices for some non-vegetarian fares.

4. Indian Dhaba-Nusa Dua

This is a Traditional Indian Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dhaba that serves Indian-style Desi dishes. The Indian food restaurant menu is written in Hindi to give a Homely feel and food is cooked with authentic Indian Spices by India Cooks. The  Dhaba is jam-packed with IndiansTourists. Some popular Indian starters ranging from Kachori, samosa, Chole Bhatoore, and Aloo Tikki should be Tasted here. North Indian foods comprising of a variety of Roties and Butter Nan with Dal Makhni and Paneer dishes are available here. Great dishes of chicken and mutton await here for the meat lovers. Everything is made here in Desi and Indian Style.

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  5. Queen’s Tandoor- Seminyak

Masala Dosa, Butter Chicken, Pav Bhaji, Mutton Vindaloo, and Fish Tikka, are the best preparation for these Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Indian Restaurants In Bali. When you lose hope of getting good vegetarian food in Bali, Queen’s Tandoor will come up as your rescuer. Do not stop at Vegetarian Food only but try some Out of World Non-Vegetarian Food here, Sea Food can be tasted here.  

6. Atithi- Kuta

This Vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant In Kuta  Will remind you of home-cooked food and is the most inexpensive desi restaurant you'll find in Bali. Atithi is not only popular with its warm hospitality but authentic Indian cuisine. The wonderful food Indian chefs cook will remind you of India from every bite you'll take.  Their specialties are North Indian dishes such as  Paneer Tikka, Dal Makhni, Chaat, and Chicken Biryani.

7. Indian Delights- Ubud

Another restaurant from the popular Indian food chain ' Bali Indian Cuisine' in Bali. It is this Authentic vegetarian and non-Vegetarian Indian restaurant in Bali That Will Make You Feel Like Home-Indian Dishes. Therefore it is difficult to doubt the quality and taste of this venue. All looks like home right from its and Indian delicacies ambiance, and presentation.

8. Sattvik by Nature- Kuta                                                                    

Genuine pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurants In Kuta, That Will, Make You Feel Like Home. True to its values and traditions, Bali's Sattvik,  is one of the places where you'll feel at home in the foreign Land  It has some paintings and Murals that are dedicated to Indian culture and also has a classic feel. Its culture is one thing that will amaze you at first sight, but the food will be remembered forever, particularly when you're in Bali craving some Indian cuisine. It has open seating and the excellent wine can also be combined with your meal. It's a star-Michelin food restaurant and you can confidently believe in the cuisine and have a wonderful time with your taste buds.

9. Ganesha Ek Sanskriti-Kuta

This Bali restaurant serves Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian North India as well as Tamilian and Kerala dishes and Thali That Will Make You Feel Like Home. Ganesha Ek Sanskriti is an Indian food restaurant where you can love traditional hospitality and tasty Indian cuisine. We have also given due consideration to food and ambiance design. If you're interested to learn how these tempting cuisines are prepared then you can be seen through the special glass door cook room.

Tourist Destination in almost the entire subcontinent does have Many Indian Restaurants. Indian Vegetarian travelers will not face any problems in Their Dubai and Phuket tours as well as both places have umpteen Indian restaurants Run by Ethnic Indians.
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