Honeymoon Places in Kerala

Kerala Honeymoon Places

Ideal Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala:

Honeymoon, an event to celebrate the festival of love and togetherness, is best celebrated in the romantic and happening place. Kerala is a great destination for Newlywed couples to plan their Honeymoon trip because it offers you varied landscapes cascading waterfalls, rivers, beaches, hills and lakes, and gardens.

Because of its excellent connectivity and tourist facilities, Kerala is the most loved honeymoon destination. Honeymoon is all about a newlywed couple having a great start to life and the ideal honeymoon dreams.

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Only mentioning the word Kerala reminds us of the sandy strip of palm trees, an enticing location featuring warm sunny coastal beaches and peaceful backwaters. In short, a location that is an ideal choice for honeymoon couples. If you're a lover of hill stations or like to splash waterfalls, you must plan a Kerala tour.                                                                         

Weather Factor in Planning a Kerala Honeymoon:

 When it comes to planning your honeymoon dates for Kerala, the weather is a major factor and you can choose from the three famous seasons to visit this place.

 • Peak Season: This Kerala honeymoon season begins in October and lasts until March's last week. With warm sunny skies and a touch of humidity, the atmosphere during this time is charming, making it perfect weather to spend your honeymoon in Kerala. However, the charges may be a little higher as it is the peak season and ropes in a lot of tourists officially.  Beware prices of Hotels and Resorts are a little Higher side during Peak Season Period.

• Off-Season: The offseason for a vacation in Kerala starts toward the finish of March and End In the fourth seven-day stretch of September. Two climate seasons, one summer season and another rainstorm season start inside the slow time of year. The evenings are blistering and radiant in the late spring season, and in the evening there is the shower. The climate might be somewhat moist, however, you can keep away from swarms on the in addition to side and get the best financial plan valued accommodation.  You can take advantage of Lower Hotels and Resort Prices during the Offseason for Kerala Honeymoon Tour.

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• Monsoon Season: this is the season of Kerala's true beauty. It starts in June's second week and lasts until August's last week. The weather may be slightly rough and you can expect occasional rain showers, but it won't storm all day on the positive side. The Kerala monsoon rain usually showers for a couple of hours, then settles down.                                                 

After Making up your mind you should decide on the places that you wish to visit and the type of Resort in Kerla for a Luxury Honeymoon. You may take the help of a traveling architect or Book Online with Many OTA offering Customized Kerala Honeymoon Packages.  Luxury options in Kerala Include a Private Pool villa in Munnar and Alley water villa-type accommodation in the Poovar islands.

Where to Go for Honeymoon in Kerala:

 Deciding the places to visit in Kerala is very easy to say but very difficult to decide, Budget, time and distance need to be balanced for deciding, we are providing some information about the destination in Kerala.

Kerala's varied, vast, and lovely land is rich in destinations ideal for newly married couples. You can choose from the serene backwaters, sandy beaches, peaceful hill stations, or waterfalls. Since Kerala is such a diverse land, you can choose from plenty of places. Every place has its special charm and will serve as the perfect couple's destination.

There are several luxury and budget resorts in Kerala. Depending on your budget, you can choose the resort. We have suggested some accommodation options to explore while planning your honeymoon stay in Kerala.

 In case you are looking for other honeymoon destinations in India, we will suggest you plan your honeymoon in exotic destinations like Andaman Honeymoon and Shillong Honeymoon in the Northeast corner of India is a Good Choice. Dubai Honeymoon. With some luxury inclusion like Limousine ride or yacht, the ride can be Planned with the Help of Club Holiday.

Hill Stations of Kerala:

Kerala is bestowed with many GOOD Hill stations for honeymooners in Kerala are the ideal getaway spot. With its lush valleys, picturesque landscapes, and stunning hilltops, they are rich in scenic beauty. Also, the climate is perfect for those who want to get out of the water. So, here's a list of hill stations you can choose from:

• Munnar:  If you're planning a honeymoon in Kerala and want to choose a hill station, Munnar is a perfect choice. You'd fall in love with it by looking at the spot. The lush green that covers the whole land is truly enchanting, making one feel calm.

• Vagamon: Now if you're looking for a place with a hill station for your honeymoon trip to Kerala, Vagamon is the perfect escape. 1300 m above sea level, this peaceful spot is an idyllic place to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

• Peermedu: This magnificent Kerala hill station is filled with green hills and extensive forests. If you and your partner want to enjoy outdoor sports such as trekking, camping, and exploring, this is your spot. There's a good chance you'll be able to see the tribal village lifestyle.

 2.   Beaches of Kerala :

The Kerala beaches still have the same rustic appeal as other places. What might be Kerala's best honeymoon destination than the lovely warm sandy beaches? Here are just a few beach destinations in Kerala:

  • Alappuzha:  This popular place has two beaches that are a warm tourist favorite; it's Marari beach and Alleppy beach. Marari, a village by the sea, is one of Kerala's popular honeymoon beaches.

This beach is not only most famous for its spectacular view of a clear blue sea and shimmering sand, but also for the peace and quietness it offers. With your friend, you will spend a fun day without interruption. On the other hand, the Alleppy beach is closer to the city full of Life.

• Kovalam: This beach town is a new wedding dream destination. On scrumptious lunch, they could take long walks on their sun-kissed beaches and gorge while enjoying the low tides. Three of its famous beaches are the beach of Lighthouse, Hawah Beach, and Samudra, which together form the crescent of Kovalam Beach. The city is an ideal honeymoon destination in Kerala with its beautiful beaches.

• Varkala: This coastal town is a cozy and lively mixture. In this coastal town, there are several beaches, namely Papanasham Beach, Kappil Beach, Thiruvambady Beach, and Chilakoor Beach. The crowd at some of the less explored beaches is scanty, which gives a lot of privacy to those who visit it.

• Kollam: This ancient maritime port has a long coastline and many sources of water, making it a diverse land and adding to its charm. The serene backwaters, lagoons, and beaches are perfect for couples to enjoy. What more could one imagine when planning a Kerala honeymoon than a relaxing and romantic trip on the houseboats watching the horizon sunset. At one of the local restaurants, you can enjoy a great meal serving delicious seafood while enjoying the great panoramic view.

3.   Waterfalls of Kerala :

If you're planning your honeymoon in Kerala, you'll never have to choose between destinations. This location is rich in natural abundance, picturesque serene scenery, and all that a newlywed couple can look for. If you're not looking for beaches or backwaters but waterfalls, here's a list of places you can pick from

• Athirapally Waterfalls: Apart from the popular Athirapally Falls located in this area, there's also plenty of wildlife and picturesque villages where the place's true heritage lies. The waterfall is known as Kerala's Niagara, and you can only imagine how beautiful it would be to win such a laurel.

  Idukki: This densely forested mountainous region is home to the Eravikulam National Park, famous for its blue Neelakurinji flowers. This district is host to the cascading Cheeyappara Waterfall and is a sight to see. This place is also a great hiking place, and if you and your partner are lovers of natural beauty, this beautiful place will surely be enjoyed.

 • Kollam: This place has much more to offer than its beaches. Among Kollam's many diverse water bodies are the famous Palaruvi Falls, which is India's 40th highest waterfall and also called a milk stream. The place boasts great flora and fauna, and in the picturesque and breathtaking hill station, you can lose yourself.

 When planning your honeymoon in Kerala, what to pack?

 You may make a list of important items that must include weather-friendly clothing. Go for tropical clothing, as Kerala is never hot, but if you plan to visit a hill station, pack some warm clothes. Do bring other important items such as mosquito repellent and an umbrella, another must for tropical sites. If you spend a lot of time on the beach then wear sunscreen.
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