My Dubai Experience.

Dubai tour planning from India

 My Dubai Holiday Experience:

Have you Imagined how Dubai looking and feeling? When will you visit Dubai? Don't worry it’s time to visit your perfect family holiday destination i.e. Dubai. Dubai is very much like India; you will not feel you are out of India. Only thing different is Organized Traffic, planned Development, People speaking Urdu and Hindi. Dubai Tour package will make you feel like you are experiencing future of India.

Hotels and Apartment of Dubai


Suggesting a good hotel is a very risky matter, as it can be very bad for Mr. Rahim what is good for Mr. Ram. In Dubai hotel costs can range from 1,500 INR to 2 lakh per room per night. The budget category Hotel is between 1,500 and 2,500 INR per room per night. Hotel in Deluxe Category ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 per room per night. Deluxe hotels in the category are favoured by Indian travelers and booked.


If someone is searching for a Dubai Holiday package for luxury, he / she would suggest staying in or around Jumeirah or marina. Try staying at Atlantis the Palm or Burj al Arab for 1 night if necessary. It's going to be super costly but it's going to give lifetime experience.


If you're on the road with your family

 If you are travelling with your family for longer Duration, Renting Apartment Hotels with Multi-bedrooms and Kitchen is a better economic option.

Many apartment hotels chains and Hotel Groups are operational in Bur Dubai are popular and almost all have swimming pools.

Local Transport in Dubai:

Dubai has two metro lines, red and green covering most of the tourist place in and around the city. Multi-mode Tourist Pass is a good Option to Explore, But If you are travelling with Family of 4, Private Taxi and car can be a cheaper option.

You can pre load your Pass card with the amount of money and zones you wish to use.

Pre-arranged Tour vehicle, your family holiday planner can guide you and provide you better options. Sometime pre booked tours remains a better option. As Dubai metro remains overly crowded due to large number of tourist and migrant labor.

Buses are frequent across Dubai but unless you really know your destination and location do not try these buses. The NOL pass will include travel on all buses.

Dubai’s Airports

Two airports in Dubai, situated at opposite ends of town. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the most heavily used airport, and the newest is Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). Dubai International (DXB) is the major commercial airport, and one of the busiest international flights in the world.

It has a total of three terminals, and terminals 1 and 3 are reserved exclusively for Emirates and Qantas Airlines. A walkway links these terminals.

Transportation from DXB to Dubai hotels is quick and convenient with multiple options such as taxis, private hired transfers, buses and even subway trains stopping at both Terminals 1 and 3 or Terminal 2 on a separate line.

Transfers between terminals 1 & 3 and terminal 2 require a shuttle bus so allow plenty of time. 

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