Baratang Tour In Andaman Nicobar Holiday

Baratang tour During Andaman Holiday

Andaman Holiday with Baratang Holiday:

There are thousands of exotic Beaches scattered around the world. Some of them are beautiful but some of them are stunning. Andaman And Nicobar is another such stunning beach destination in the south of India. Usually tourists are in dilemma, should I Go for exotic Beach Holiday, Or Hill station Vacation or Backwater holiday? Don't look further, Andaman has bundled all these experiences for you. Take a Tour to Baratang during your Andaman Holiday. 

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Baratang islands are Unexplored Pearl in the Andaman Sea

Baratang Island is an Unexplored tourist Place of Andaman & Nicobar Island and is located around 100 km from Port Blair. If you take this Baratang tour from the holiday point of view than this island is a gem-filled with Natural beauty and wonders and is a must inclusion in Andaman Itinerary. 

This must-visit is reached through thick mangrove forests and Jarwa habitation. Incredible Baratang Island houses some unique and mesmerizing attractions like the limestone caves and live mud volcanoes. The caves in Baratang is a sedimentary rock formed and compressed over millions of years by the continuous deposits of marine life, corals, and skeletons.

Soon after you enter the caves you will be mesmerized, as you will find limestone formations hanging from the top and bottom. Besides these caves are regularly taking new shapes and sizes. Another tourist attraction is the Mud Volcano. Here, the mud is pushed upward by a natural gas emitting from underneath created by decaying organic matter, beneath the earth.

Parrot Island is also a must-visit place during your Andaman tour. Many attractions located a little away from Baratang Jetty. This beautiful place is must be visited in the evening to watch thousands of parrots that fly around on Island. Baratang Island is a full day excursion but if you wish to dwell in its peaceful surroundings than the Island offers accommodations like Forest and PWD guest houses. You can also avail of private accommodation in Baratang Island. But Arranging Accommodation in Baratang is a difficult job without the help of a Professional Travel Agent.

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