What even a Genuine Travel Agent May Hides from You?


Donot Get Cheated by Fraudulent Tour Operator:

Contrary to General Belief “All travel agents (TA) get commission from hotels and airlines, but this can be as low as 1 to 2 %, so TA have to make their money somewhere. 1 to 2 % commission is not enough to cover his Office Rent and you expect a Travel Agent to Give you 24x7 Service.

Travel agents have another way to beat the mark, such as pre-buying numbers of rooms and bulk airlines at Discounted Mark.

A Genuine Travel Agents or Travel Agency produces Holiday Packages based on pre-bought rooms and seats for airlines. When their inventory remains unsold, travel agents are vulnerable to failure. Or in part, unsold. Travel agent mixes Right proportion of experience and knowledge to these pre— purchased room and airline seats to make you a memorable travel experience.

Some unscrupulous travel agents and some over smart travelers force a TA (Travel Agent) to conceal those details below unreasonable price from the customers to conclude the offer

Non-Refundable Fare

To make Holiday Package, TA Have to negotiate non-refundable price with Hotel and Airlines. TA quote these NRF price, but hide these under the Cancellation policy.

“TA will inform you that the ticket is non-refundable when TA Feel there is a chance that you may cancel, - TA need to protect his commission and it’s like a form of punishment for cancelling your trip.”

Hiding the necessary Sightseeing information

Travel industry is Primarily Cost Driven. Client is Cost Driven and not focused on Things to do. We try to increase the Numbers of Tours counts with minimal cost, and suppress the Main costly sight scene. Customer Realize it later on the Spot and ends up paying more for the activity at site. Client’s insistence on low price made a travel Agent to Hide the Information from Traveler. 


Breakup of Package Cost

The Web is Travel Agents ' real enemy. All component prices are available online now a day. You will add up to get total package rates. TA's never going to share Breakup. His Total Quote Price includes the cost quotation benefit, experience, and knowledge. Breakup allowed a Client to negotiate on each Cost Price Item, excluding their experience and time and expertise. TA, being a service provider sells his time and expertise to build a bundle because he doesn't want to bargain to save money.

Location of Hotel

Low cost hotels are away from City center, cost Considerations encourage TA to hide the location of Hotel. It may inflate Your Travel Cost.

TA used as Information Board by Travelers.

Internet age has left nothing Hidden as far as Cost Components of Cat, Flights and Hotel. A client is short of Time to get the relevant information from the TA in the Garb of Customization, But TA has noticed this trend and stopped sharing all the information relevant to the destination.