Dubai Visa Guidelines for Indian Tourists

Dubai Visa

Dubai is a favorite international destination for Indians as it is very economical at Indian prices. Dubai Visa Information: Thousands of tourists go to Dubai for leisure and they need a visa to travel to UAE, Guide to Dubai Visa, in case you are planning a trip to Dubai or getting curious about the place. You really would like to go through this detailed city visa guide.

Over the years, the Dubai Visa procedure has changed, and there's some uncertainty over how to apply for the visa. We have the most updated process you need to go through here, to visit the amazing city!

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Dubai is the most visited tourists place hence UAE government for the benefit of travelers, has made the entire Visa process online. United Arab Emirates visa requests can now be submitted online in the e-Visa program. Such applications are lodged with any responsible visa officers in Dubai, online or in-person through an authorized agent. Normally, if the document is found in order, the visa is issued within 4 Working days.

Visa Application Forms and Documents needed for Dubai Visa:

UAE is not very strict about the submission of documents as Singapore or Schengen countries are, UAE just needs very few basic documents. The applicants should fill out the United Arab Emirates Tourist form properly with the utmost care. Visa application forms for the United Arab Emirates are free and can be downloaded from any registered Online website. You can contact those agents during them to apply for Dubai Visa for Indians. The tourist must have the following documentation for Dubai Visa:

  1. Properly signed application form
  2. Return Flight ticket booking with an airline
  3. Scanned( Not Photo Graphed by Mobile} copy of Passport with at least 6 months, Physical copy of Passport is not required.
  4. Passport Size photos of Size 4.3 cms x 5.5 cms with a white background
  5. PAN card of Applicants
  6. Attach all supporting documents.

For each application, the United Arab Emirates Visa Fees are 6000 INR and are non-refundable. You can opt for the payment as Master / Visa online mode, both credit and debit cards are approved. For each request for a visa, the authorized service agents charge extra fees.

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In Covid Era, Visa Guidelines are changing every minute, be careful.