All That You should Know Before Going for Dubai Holiday

Dubai local information for tourists

Same facts before planning a holiday in Dubai:

We go on holidays by depending solely on the experience expertise of the travel planner, but you must know that the best holiday experience comes with the informed and planned tour. We can understand your travel planner will some really good planning but it's you who has to do know the destination's tourist places to get the best out of it. We normally go on a holiday without knowing anything about the destination and depend too much on tour operators. Its right time that we know some basic about your tour to Dubai:

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Dubai Shopping

Dubai has become a shopping capital of the world, other than contemporary shopping in a shopping mall like Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates, you can go for traditional shopping in old Dubai.

Shopping Escape in Souk market of Dubai:

Souk Market of Dubai flaunts the traditional side of old Dubai and reveals the shopaholics during their Dubai Tour range of rich Arabic scents and perfumes to a glorious and unique shopping experience. The Gold souks are catching the country's simplistic lavishness. It's an ideal place for the ladies to indulge in the glittering metal of old traditional designs. Wander through Dubai Creek through Bur Dubai's Textile Souk to wrap yourself up in Dubai's colors and smell the consistency of the old woven thread

Why visit Dubai for Holiday:

Indians long for an international holiday and Dubai opens up the avenue for Indians to plan an international Holiday at Indian Budget Price as a reasonable Dubai Holiday with Flight can be arranged for as little as Rs 45000/-. As a matter of fact, Dubai packages are very affordable. It’s a destination that hypnotizes you such an extent that you would mind the suffering of your pocket. It’s an all manmade land which definitely deserves the attention of people around the world and in return it always holds its promise of not letting them go with disappointment! It’s a very accessible destination with cheap flight rates but grand flight experiences. Direct connectivity and good frequency of flight takeoffs per day add to the bonus. It’s a gateway to your many “firsts” as it holds various tallest and largest records. Kerala Holiday packages can be planned with Club Holiday

Doesn’t looking at the world from the tallest building enchant you? Dubai is about living life king size at very affordable prices in the hub of luxury hotels. It holds a large number of exquisite hotels with amazing quality service and food menus. Dubai is a land, sky and sea ultimate combination that can give you the best of the views. It lets you party in your own way. It’s a shopper’s stop which can’t let you stop! This is where you just burn your bucket lists without compromising on your budget. It brags its ultra-modern brands in most traditional settings. You name it, you get it in Dubai. Along with shopping, parallel food chains never disappoint the tourists!

Restaurants in Dubai:

Dubai has many Indian restaurants that serve both Veg and Non-  Veg dishes. 

Rasoi Ghar - Pure Vegetarian Indian, Gujrati and Rajasthani

Serving Indian, Rajasthani and Gujrati flavors, Rasoi Ghar is like another home in the foreign land. The royalty being served in the exquisite interiors triggers the elite side of the Indians and makes the experience more majestic. The thalis are served with a tinge of traditional twist and the well-curated menu with high-quality service helps you to relax and replenish. The thalis with Aam Ras are among the “must try” recipes of the restaurant. The one who values quality and innovation over the contents of the plate must ring the bell at their door!

Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge - Lebanese, Seafood, Mediterranean

It’s the best place to close your day at. With beautiful grainy deserts around and ears catching the melodies of regional music, the ambiance can help you to relax and refill your reserves. With a friendly staff to cater to your whims and demands, the food served will never disappoint you. Crowned on the rooftop, it provides a serene view of emptiness till miles and this view is adorned at sunset. They serve Lebanese, Seafood, and the Mediterranean with stretched desert views, live Arabic music and of course, pizzas!

The Farm, Dubai- Mediterranean, Italian, Thai, European

The farm restaurant in Al Barari, Dubai is an exotic dining experience surrounded by naturally landscaped lakes, waterways, and botanical gardens. Serving all day long, it offers you Mediterranean, Italian, Thai, European, Salad to stimulate your taste buds! The Arabic breakfast served in its ultra-modern interiors with a lot of other comforts and options, it makes it a beautiful place to be in. Although it costs a little higher than others, it’s worth it and the quantities won’t dishearten you. The delicious food, the colorful surrounding and service deserve it all.

Arabian tea house café- Local Food

Traveling a city is not about traveling through their buildings but is about traveling their streets. The Arabian tea house is just another road café on Al Fahidi Street serving Lebanese and Middle Eastern recipes. It is considered to be serving the best local meals in the city. The flatbreads and humus have spelled magic over all the tongues. Even the falafels are a good dish to try over here. Bounded by charming smiles and mesmerizing surroundings, this place has its unique aura with a traditional Arabic tinge.

Azure beach Resort - Evening Snacks and Beach Club

Set among the blues and greens, the beautiful Azure beach club offers you a perfect vacation idea. They serve sandwiches, starter salads, sushi, pizza, and desserts. It’s a kid-friendly place with shallow pools and staffed playhouses letting adults enjoy to the fullest. The beats in the pool set your feet tapping while the crowd is just perfect to hang out with. The chill vibe in the desert is all a new experience for Dubai. The ladies' day with various other events that keep on going in the club just adds to the taste of delicious food being served here. The delicious aroma dissolved in the cool party vibe defines the azure beach resort!

The currency of Dubai:

The currency of Dubai is Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) which is moderately expensive than Indian rupee. It is advised to convert your home currency to Dirham before boarding your flight!

Almost all major shopping centers and restaurants accept payments with credit cards of international standards. However, travelers who hope to get a discount when purchasing a product are recommended to get a sufficient amount of cash.

The single easiest place to exchange your currency is at the Dubai International Airport with currency exchange services readily available which do not charge a commission, and many even offer to buyback.

ATM machines are available all over Dubai and your home country bank card should work with no problem but make sure to check how much your bank charges for international fees as they can add up very quickly without you realizing.

Visa information about Dubai:

For Indians, the visa needs to be obtained before boarding the flight. For application, a form is to be filled with a passport of 6 months of validity and two passport size photographs. Certain documents and IDs are also needed for proof.

Tourist Visa is valid for a given period of time only with an extension on a permission basis.

Stay safe during your Holiday in Dubai:

Dubai is a very safe country with strict implementation of rules and laws. The crime rates are very low.

The travelers need to be fully aware of the country’s’ customs and beliefs and must follow them to avoid any legal action against themselves.

Pickpocketing is rare but still, it is advised not to leave your valuables unattended. Basic precautions are needed on behalf of the travelers too.

Special focus should be given on not drinking in open or not wearing indecent clothes in public. The city of Dubai is quite strict regarding its laws and beliefs and you must respect them.

Abu Dhabi is one of the safest places on earth where “A woman can walk alone at midnight and nobody would bother her.” The security force is very efficient

SOME IMPORTANT NUMBERS to be remembered during Dubai Vacations:

  • Police                999
  • Fire Department 997
  • Ambulance        999
  • Electricity          991
  • Water               991

WHEN TO REACH Dubai For Vacations:

The ideal time to visit Dubai is from mid-November to March. If you want to skip the crowd and also enjoy the weather, opt for a trip between August and October.

To catch the mega shopping festival of Dubai, postpone the vacation to January. But this is the busiest month for Dubai streets but the best of weather and choices are being served during this time only.

From May to October, the weather is too hot and unbearable. It’s the worst time to plan your Dubai vacation

How to reach Dubai:

Good direct flight connectivity provided by Indigo, Spice Jet, Fly Dubai flights, etc. from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin, Jaipur…… etc. at affordable prices. Else, one-stop flights are easily available from other locations.

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