Andaman Nicobar Island

How to Plan a Holiday in the Andaman Islands:

Preparing a holiday in Andaman is not as easy as in other states of India, primarily because of transportation problems between islands. Internet speed and coverage is another problem area. Mobile services always cause problems for online hotel bookings. Organizing a holiday in Andaman is not rocket science all that you need to reconfirm your booking with the hotels on call.

One thing that a Traveler must keep in mind is that taxis are not available here on a full-day basis and are available on point to point basis. The most crucial part of the Andaman tour is Cruise ticket booking, you should book the advance cruise ticket with  Confirmed PNR before Your Arrival at Port Blair. Synchronizing your flight timing with cruise timing with maximum cushion is of utmost importance.

Nothing is attractive than Nature, be it foggy mornings of Hills or the beauty of Unspoiled beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Island.  India has an answer to Phuket and Krabi in the name of Havelock and it is the finest beach destination of India. Andaman tour has something for everyone to enjoy on their holiday in one of best beaches in the world. Its Privacy and cleanliness on beaches have made it as Honeymoon Capital of India.

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Places to Visit in Andaman Tour:

Andaman and Nicobar is a group of 578 small or large Islands dispersed in the Bay of Bengal and each island is granted Lovely beaches, mountains, and Marine flora and fauna. Each island has either interesting Corals or Unspoiled Beaches. 

You will not be dissatisfied if you wish to pump your adrenaline to its maximum or a trekking buff or you are searching for a relaxed holiday. Irrespective of the Islands you Choose you will get relaxation, corals, watersports, and beautiful beaches. Given the Multiplicity of Tourist islands in Andaman, a tourist must customize their Andaman tour with the help of a Holiday specialist

Some Prominent Island of Tourist Interests are:

  • Havelock Islands:
  • Neil Island
  • Ross Island
  • North bay Island
  • Smith Island
  • Red Skin Island
  • Jolly Buoy
  • Guitar Islands
  • Diglipur Island 

Baratang Islands tour in Andaman will let you travel to some astonishing places in the Andaman Islands. Limestone caves in Baratang let you see a bird's nest that you can eat and give you a chance to visit nearby Parrot Island. You can not see any bird other than Parrots on this island after Sunset. An Excursion  to Radhanagar and Elephanta beach in Havelock island is a must to complete your Andaman tour.  

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