Bhutan Holiday Trip Facts

Bhutan Holiday Planning

 Holiday Planning for Bhutan

This globe has many holiday places better than each other and a Places that a traveler can explores in a planned way is much more beautiful than what’s planned by fate. Bhutan is one such destination where you have to plan a holiday in Bhutan as lots of entry barriers are existing. Bhutan Tourism Policy is of getting More value abd less of Volume, and donot wish to have crowed tourist places. Bhutan is a country that values its culture and tradition than money as such they want only educated and rich traveler.

Once you set your foot on Bhutan its beauty will stun you and will surely surprise your eyeballs. You will be mesmerized by the hospitality and beauty of the unventured valley from the first day of your Bhutan trip. Even after your return from  Bhutan Vacations, you will feel the taste of Bhutanese cuisine on your tongue, hear the chimes in the shrines, feel the green filters in my eyes and smell the freshness in the air of Bhutan.

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How To Reach Bhutan

Bhutan is a land locked contry and can acccesse only By Air and it is connected by some Entry points from Indian side. There are only 2 Points on entry to Bhutan for the entire World.

Pheutsholing By Road: After Mandatory Permit issued after Biometrics for Entry by Road to All tourists on Weekdays only. Thogh there are some more entry points from Assam but a Tourist on Bhutan Holiday can enter Bhutan from this Entry gate Only.

Paro: After Mandatory Permit issued after Biometrics for Entry by Flight.

Only two airlines are operating in Bhutan for tourists on their Holiday in Bhutan, Drukair and Bhutan Airlines operates flights from Delhi, Gaya, Bagdogra, Kolkata, Mumbai and Guwahati to Paro in Bhutan. The railway tracks open up near the land of heritage. Tourist permits are required to enter Bhutan and a normal entry permit allows you to visit Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha only. Pheutsholing can be explored without the permit too. Permit Office at Pheutsholing is Closed On Saturdays and Sundays.

Currency Of Bhutan

Ngultrum, the Bhutanese currency is equivalent to the value of Indian currency, i.e., INR 1 = Ng 1. Small Denomination Indian currency is widely accepted in Bhutan.

Hotels in Bhutan

Hotels are quite affordable in Bhutan within the range of INR 3000-3500 in peak seasons but it is advised to check for mosquitos and bugs before checking into any hotel room. Luxury Hotels are Very Costly in Bhutan. Non-SAARC country Traveler has to travel through a Registered Travel agent only. You must book you in advance before the start of your Bhutan Trip.

Food of Bhutan 

With mesmerizing eyes, Bhutan never failed to spice up our taste buds too with Ema Datshi and Red Rice. You can’t miss out on that delicious dry pork because it is one of the best things to eat in Bhutan. A must-try here is the locally brewed alcohol called Ara. Vegetarian Food is Available in Bhutan at all Tourist Places as such food for Gujarati and Jain Traveler will not be a problem for them in their Vacation Trip to Bhutan.

The richness of the streets and the colored vibes of Bhutan makes it a perfect destination for recreation and relaxation and also allows you to pamper yourselves with Thangkas (scroll painting), masks, prayer wheels, Buddha figurines, Mandala paintings, yak hair bags, and beautiful memorie