Bhutan Holiday Planning Guide

Bhutan  Holiday with Club Holiday

 Bhutan is a magical, mysterious and mythical nation, its aura and ambiance are so mesmerizing that somehow it manages to touch your soul and even mend the broken heart, balm it with harmony. A healthy climate, majestic monasteries, and awesome views are the purest way to describe the attractiveness of the Stunning country called Bhutan. Planning to explore Bhutan can enrich you with pleasing experience, something you will remember for life. This Small Bhutan Guide will help you to plan a great Bhutan Holiday from India.

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How to reach Bhutan From India.

Flight: Going to Bhutan, by air from India is pretty easy. Two airlines, namely, Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air that operate flights from Delhi, Kolkata Gaya, Bagdogra, Mumbai and Guwahati to Paro international airport. No Indian Air airlines operate any flight to Bhutan from India.

By Rail:  Tourist from Reach Bhutan by to Hansimara, the nearest railway station (20 Km) to Bhutanese town of Pheuntosholing on Indo-Bhutan Bhutan.  All the trains from Guwahati, Kolkata, Mumbai and other places, proceeding to Hansimara, including Rajdhani Express, passes though Hansimara Railway station. Though all super-fast trains do not stop at Hansimara, tourists can opt for Alipurduar or NJP station to Go to Jaigaon/ Pheuntosholing by road.

By Road: Jaigaon town in West Bengal is the most popular way of entering Bhutan from India by road. The border town of Bhutan, Pheuntosholing, is only 4 km away. There are private cabs between the two seats. People who get off at Bagdogra (by flight) or New Jalpaiguri (NJP) railway station can also take advantage of taxi service. Bagdogra (IXB) airport has prepaid taxis, too. However, the cab can be booked for those traveling on budget by cracking a deal directly with the taxi drivers.

Best Way to Reach Bhutan

Traveling on Budget: Tourists can take a flight to Bagdogra, and from there hire a taxi to Pheutsholing, Prepaid Taxis charge about INR 3500). Also, before booking the Bagdogra flight, check with Drukair for comparison of fare, and in case you get a good deal with the Bhutanese Airlines, without any second thought book tickets with them. Travelers looking for a comfortable way may take a direct flight to Paro. It takes around 2.5 hrs. to reach from Delhi to Paro, flying time is at its minimum if you’re taking a flight from Bagdogra.

 Issue of Tourist Permit in Bhutan?

The Pheuntosholing Immigration Office issues tourist permit for road traveler. Few papers need to be checked before handing out the tourist permit. Those travelers who fly directly to Paro can receive their permits from the International Airport of Paro. Please note the Permit office is closed on Bhutan National holiday and Weekends. 

List of Documents required for Bhutan Permit:

 A duly filled form

  1. Copy of Passport or Voter’s ID
  2. A Printed Travel Itinerary on an A4 Sheet
  3. Booked Hotel’s Voucher (It is mandatory to show hotel booking confirmation of at least one hotel in Thimphu/Paro)
  4. Passport Size Photo
  5. In case you are traveling solo, An Undertaking Letter

Points to Remember for Bhutan Permit:

A tourist must be very specific about what he fills in the occupation section, it will not be enough just to write' Service' or' Private Job' Mention both the sector in which he works and your designation.

Go to the Permit office early in the morning, about 8:30 AM-9.30 AM, so you can dodge long lines. You will also get free early and have the opportunity to reach Thimphu/Paro before sunset, as both places are on a good 4-5-hour drive from Phuentsholing.

If you forgot to take photocopies of the correct text, there are shops for photostat just across from the Immigration Office.

You can go to Paro, Thimphu only and you need a separate permit for a vest to Punakha, Please note, for visits to Bumthang and The Tourist Permit is free of cost, however, if you are seeking the help of an agent, apart from the tour operators, you might have to pay him some amount for his services.

Note: If you have customized your Bhutan tour through a tour operator like Tour club Holiday, their representative will help you get the permit quickly and without any bothers.

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Hotel booking is not a tough job in Bhutan you can book them on any travel websites, like Booking. com or Expedia or take the help of your tour planner, once your rough itinerary is prepared. You should start looking for hotel accommodation suitable for your needs. Since tourism is flourishing in Bhutan, one can find both budget and luxury hotel options. The idea of homestay is not new in the country, as many people have converted their homes for tourists to provide them with an authentic experience. Wherever you can find hotels in your budget, from the capital city Thimphu to Pheuntosholing. The tourist must be careful and should know when booking hotels in Bhutan.

A regular hotel can cost up to INR 3000 during the top season, while the same hotel offers rooms in the lean-season at INR 1500-2500, There are also low-cost budget lodgings available for, INR 450-550), but they will be very simple and may lack comfortable amenities.

Some budget tourists have also written of mosquito and bug armies attacking them at night. So, if you plan to book hotels on-the-spot, make sure you see the room first.

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