Best tourist Activities to Do in Andaman Nicobar Islands

 Andaman Nicobar activities

Best Adventure and honeymoon Activities to Do in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Apart from the beaches of Andaman, you have other things to do, adding these activities will add a lot of fun to your Andaman Trip.

 1. Dinner Cruise in Port Blair

if you are on a honeymoon tour you must opt for the romantic evening dinner cruise at Port Blair. The Bella Bay Cruise. This offers a fine dining experience in the evening. You can enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful twin islands of North Bay Island and Ross Island.

You can also get a chance to enjoy and dance to live local music by local artists and a DJ playing in the background. Bella bay dinner cruise @ 2000 Per Person is a must addition to your Andaman honeymoon package.

2. Radhanagar Beach-Photoshoot

Radhanagar beach is a perfect place to get a photoshoot done and capture precious moments with your beloveds and family. The Andaman package is incomplete without spending some time in Radhanagar Beach. Candlelight dinner at Radhanagar Beach is a good option to be included in your honeymoon in Andaman.

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3. Scenic drive to Chidiya Tapu for Sunset
While in Port Blair do not miss a day excursion to Chidiya Tapu. This island also known as Bird's Island is famous for its beautiful Sunset in the evening. This is a must-visit place in Andaman Nicobar. Chidiya Tapu is a 30 minutes drive from Port Blair.

Zig zag road to Chidiya Tapu passes through a deep mangrove forest land and small hills and mountains and the drive is along the coastal area of Andaman. This island other than birdwatching also offers mesmerizing sunset views and a great view of Port Blair city. Suggest your travel planner include Chidiya Tapu in your Andaman Package.

4. Scooty Hire in Havelock or Neil Island

Tourists can rent out scooters or bikes to explore Havelock Island or Neil Island. You can get bikes and scooters for the full day to travel and enjoy these islands in your own time. It is the best way to explore the islands as per your taste and be your own tour master.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the blue sea. Riding on a sooty is an amazing way of exploring Andaman island beaches. While exploring the gentle breeze blowing beside you is a fascinating way to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the Andaman archipelago. This small island of Havelock and Neil is very safe for tourists.

5. Mangrove Kayaking in Havelock

Andaman's visit isn't deprived of Varied experiences. You can select kayaking through the thick mangroves. Havelock Island in Andaman is the correct objective for kayaking. Day kayaking and evening kayaking alternatives are accessible for travelers in Havelock. Day kayaking permits you to encounter the rich variety of Mangroves timberland and its pristine magnificence.


The evening kayaking in Havelock will give you an interesting chance to encounter an uncommon marvel called bioluminescence. Bio-iridescence illuminates the water with every development of the boat paddle. You may do some traveling in havelock.

6. Jet Ski in Andaman

The Andaman Nicobar Islands are a haven for water-sport lovers, as tourists can enjoy aqua activities at a fraction of what it would cost in other places. Jet Ski is one of the popular water activities liked by tourists. Jet ski requires no training and gives as much excitement and thrill as any other water sports activity. Do not forget to make a video of this activity.

7. Trek to Elephant Beach in Havelock

If you love trekking and want to explore the islands in an offbeat way then you should undertake a trek to Elephant beach in Havelock Island. On the way, you can see marshy land and lush tropical and mangrove forests. You can include it in your Andaman tour package or go on your own but you must keep sufficient time in hand.

8. Visit Baratang Island

You can include a full-day excursion to Baratang island during your Andaman holiday tour. You start early in the morning from Port Blair to go to limestone caves. You reach the Baratang jetty by driving through tribal villages. Tourist has to walk through thick jungles and after a brief boat ride, reach limestone caves. You may visit Mud Volcano on this Island.

You, Will, be reaching back to Port Blair by late Evening. An excursion to Baratang can be a good addition to your Andaman Holiday Package.

9. Ross and Smith Island

A small pathway is created between two islands, named Ross island and smith Island, at the time of low tide. You can walk from one island to another island during low tide. Tourists must stay in Diglipur to experience this activity. Diglipur is Approximately 10 Hours away from Port Blair but it's worth a visit. The Addition of Digipos’s stay to your Andaman Holiday Tour will be a good decision.

10. Water Sports Activities in Andaman

Andaman Island can be called as water sports Capital of India. The growing popularity of Andaman as a popular beach destination of India is adding a variety of water sports activities in Andaman. Tourists can opt for the following watersports and adventure activities.

11. Scuba Diving in Andaman

Deep Scuba diving is a perfect way to explore an underwater world and must be included in the Andaman holiday package. You will not forget the experience of swimming with a variety of fishes and colorful coral reefs.

Scuba facilities are available throughout Andaman Island but Elephant beach, North bay island, and Neil islands are the best places for Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving Must find some time in your Andaman tour Planning.

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12. Parasailing in Andaman

Parasailing is a thrilling and adventurous water sport and is gaining popularity in Andaman. You must find some time to add parasailing to your Andaman tour package.

13. Snorkeling in Andaman

Snorkeling is the easiest way to get into the aqua sports world. It would be the right and the easiest way for you to ease yourself into the aquatic experience. While snorkeling, you can spot colored fishes, lobster, and clams.

The right places to go for snorkeling are North bay, Bharatpur beach, Rajiv Gandhi Watersports Complex, Elephant Beach, and Jolly Buoy Island. Many Club holiday Andaman tour packages come with Complimentary snorkeling included in the package.

14. Under Sea Walk at Havelock Island

The Best way to explore sublime marine life is an underwater sea walk. A sea walk is the most adventurous and fascinating underwater activity. You are taken 20-30 ft deep into the sea wearing special helmets, walk on the ocean bed and witness the extensive variety of marine life. Havelock island is a perfect location for a fantastic underwater Sea Walk experience. The Underwater Sea walk activity is an ideal activity to be part of an Andaman honeymoon package.

15. Trekking options near Port Blair City

The topography near and around Port Blair is perfect and ideal for trekking. Many adventure lovers love to go for a day of trekking in and around Port Blair on their Andaman adventure tour. Mount Harriet is one of the most frequented and loved most popular trekking locations in Port Blair. Mount Harriet is the highest point in the Andaman Islands. This is a 16Km trek through wild jungle land with many varieties of exotic birds and butterflies.

A short and small vibrant trekking route that a tourist can take is a short trek from Chidiya Tapu to Munda Pahad. Book your Andaman tour package, with sufficient time in hand if you wish to enjoy trekking in Andaman.

16. Bio-luminance on Havelock Island 

Andaman holiday tour will give you some wonders you haven't seen anywhere else like the island of parrots, the sand bar connecting Ross, and smith island. You can encounter a remarkable Bio-luminescence phenomenon when kayaking on the island of Havelock.

If you interrupt the surface of the water, water lights up when kayaking, this phenomenon is best experienced on no-moon nights. This is due to the presence in the seawater of phytoplankton. This phenomenon is due to the presence of some chemicals in the water.

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