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Leh  Holidays


About Leh-Ladakh Holiday

Leh and Ladakh is a virgin and emerging tourist place for people looking for an offbeat tourist Place that offers excellent opportunities for activities like ATV rides, Rafting, biking, and visit amazing someplace, like Magnetic hills, where nature behaves erratically and defies the law of Gravity. Post Kargil War Leh and Ladakh have emerged as nice Holiday alternatives for Tourists looking for adrenaline-rushing Holidays. Subsequent construction of the Manali- Leh highway has opened some more doors for people looking for Adventure tours to Leh and Ladakh.

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Leh-Ladakh remains a challenge To travelers and visitors alike, Tough weather, terrain, and absence of good tourist ground infrastructure make a huge challenge for Tourists not accustomed to Harse weather conditions, But due to some good hotels and resorts in Leh Ladakh, travelers can now explore this heaven while enjoying the best of comforts and luxury. Lachung Tour in North Sikkim is an almost similar type of Holiday experience.

Leh is J&K's largest town in the Ladakh region. It is also India's second-largest city and the center of the area's maximum tourism activity. The area is enclosed by parallel mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the Karakoram mountain range, and the Ladakh, with rivers like Shayok rivers, Zanskar, and Indus rivers traversing its valleys. Ladakh is the Magnet for adventure junkies and budget travelers with endless treks, tranquil lakes, and charming valleys that borders their landscape.

Q.  Do I need an inner line Permit to travel to Leh?
A. You do not need an inner line permit for the Leh visit but you must obtain a Permit to visit the interiors of Ladakh. This Inner line permit is easily available online or you can take it on arrival at Leh.

Q. Best hotels in Leh?

A. If you are searching for a good hotel option in Leh, you must contemplate these hotels for a suitable and relaxed experience – The Hill View Hotel, Hotel Grand Himalaya, Snigge hotel, Ladakh Resort, and Hotel Grand Dragon amongst others. Homestays in Ladakh are very common amongst backpackers and budget travelers.

Q. Should we stay at Pangong Lake overnight?

A. It is generally not recommended that you live near Lake in Pangong at night. Unless you intend to live in tents then it's not going to be a smart idea because it gets very cold at night in this area. What's more, the stay options available here are less plentiful and have no price.  You must travel with sufficient worm cloth, you should take an oxygen cylinder on Rent from rent. Homestay options are equally good and can be explored.

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A.  What is the right duration for Holiday in Leh?

A. To get the maximum out of your Leh tour package, you must plan a Leh itinerary of at least a seven-days, though you can manage with 4 Nights by skipping tours and staying at Nubra and Pangong Lake. There are many things to do in Nubra and Penong lake during Leh and Ladakh holidays that will make your holiday meaningful.

Q. Which is the road route for Leh?

 A. Though regular flights are available from Srinagar and Delhi, it is sensible to take the Highway from Manali ( Himachal) to Leh via Sarchu, if you are an adventure-loving person but do not expect luxury accommodations on the way. You can take Leh to the Srinagar route when coming back, which is a long one but here the roads are good.

A. Is Leh Ladakh a good holiday place?

A. The picturesque scenery and incredibly serene lakes here would make you want to return to this paradise. Most importantly it is the right place to rejuvenate your body and soul with freshness.

A. Is Leh Holiday safe?

A. Sure, this Leh- Ladakh area is safe for all the holidaymakers out there. Leh town is one of the safest tourist destinations for women, travelers, honeymooners, solo,  families, and friends.

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Q. Leh or Manali: which is better for the Holidays?

A. Each of the hill towns possesses its unique qualities. In Manali, you can have a perfect low-budget travel experience and it's always very easy to go sightseeing as well. While it is a little challenging due to the distance to cover the points of interest in Leh but the city is certainly worth a visit. In Manali, you can see green patches but Ladakh rarely has any Green patches, it is more or less a Cold Deseret.

Q. When is the right time to plan a holiday in Leh-Ladakh?

A. Leh Ladakh's ideal time to travel is April through the end of July. At this time, the weather is very good and you're even having a chance to beat the scorching sun! All the interior roads are in good condition to travel deep in Ladakh.

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