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Baratang Tour with Club holiday

Andaman Holiday with Baratang Islands

Tourists in search of a place that is full of unspoiled beaches, woodlands, and historic tribal villages can opt for an Exotic Andaman Holiday Package with Bartang Tour. 

Andaman Island is an archipelago of approximately 576 islands and only 30 of them are inhabited by Humans. Few of these islands are open for Tourism and safe to stay with all modern facilities. 

Though most of the Islands have all are having requisite infrastructure inviting but Havelock and Neil's island is the most developed.

These islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal, and each of these islands is a  paradise and is known for its Clean and Pristine Beaches. Tourists throng a vibrant Andaman Holiday to this spot called Baratang island.

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Andaman Nicobar is not like any other beach Holiday destination situated amidst the city. Andaman has some real good islands such as Havelock and Neil Tourist Islands amidst the natural environment.

Andaman honeymoon is becoming a  craze and is emerging as India's best Honeymoon destination because of its Good Beaches.

Tourist activities in Andaman during your Andaman tour are very inexpensive and economically oriented. Andaman Nicobar island is more than a beach holiday it has some amazing things to see in its forests.

Most guests on the Andaman tour just go on island hopping but they don't get to Andaman Nicobar's real soul as the real soul of lies on a visit to Baratang island which has some amazing things to explore parrot island and Limestone caves.

Andaman trip, lets you undergo many astonishing experiences that you cannot do elsewhere. You will come back enriched from your holiday in Andaman. 

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Baratang Island Tour during Andaman Trip.

Your Baratang Tour starts early in the Morning from Port Blair and will take you in an armed convoy of vehicles trip through tribal dwellings to Baratang Jetty. You will be taken on a short boat trip and a short walk through jungles to the live Mud Volcano site and Baratang Island limestone caves.

Baratang Tour starts from Port Blair and you reach back to Port Blair again by 5 PM to explore the Local Markets Port Blair. Reaching the island of Baratang itself is a real tourist Joy ride.

Baratang Tour Starts at 3 from Port Blair AM. You will be permitted to enter the reserved forest after 6 AM as Forest Gates are opened for visitors in the early morning.

After a brief 40 Minute drive, tourists arrive at Baratang Island Jetty. It takes 20 minutes for Speed Boats to reach world Famous limestone Caves. After leaving the speedboat, a 20-minute walk takes us to the cave by the tourist's escort boys. LED lights of escort boys are helpful to enjoy the different natural designs of the limestone formations.

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You can get some local jeeps to plan a brief tour to the Mud island spot here. We may take a Road journey of about half an hour from the jetty to the Mud Volcano site.

 Small bubbles of mud are seen bubbling out of the earth's surface as the volcano is getting formed inside the earth.

This Volcanic activity is monitored from Kolkata Labs as there were so many volcano eruptions that have happened in the past. Live Mud Volcano is a unique experience during Your Andaman Holiday Tour.

No Private accommodation facilities are available on Baratng island and if you need an accommodation to plan a trip to Parrot Islands it is to be arranged in the PWD guest house.

Baratang Island needs a full day trip right from morning 3.30 AM to 5.00 PM to Complete. once you come back to Port Blair in the Evening you Can take an Evening Dinner Cruise, Shopping, or enjoy a light and sound show at cellular jail.

Your Andaman trip is Incomplete without Including the Baratang excursion in your Andaman holiday itinerary.

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