Andaman Holiday price and cost

Cost and price of Andaman Islands Holiday

Andaman and Nicobar islands are located in the southeastern Bay of Bengal, it gained popularity as a Holiday and honeymoon Place and people are exploring it Online to get a good deal on Andaman Holiday packages. Andaman islands are one of the best beach holiday destinations in India and free from any Visa and Passport formalities associated with another excellent overseas beach Destinations like  Phuket and Bali in a similar price bracket. 

it as an archipelago of approximately  580 islands with pristine beaches, backwaters, and some amazing natural wonders. These natural pearls are enticing people to plan a Holiday in many beautiful islands of Andaman. Prominent Tourist Islands in Andaman are: 

  • Havelock island
  • Neil islands
  • Baratang Island
  • Diglipur

Andaman is approximately 1200 Km from Mainland India and not connected by any road network and can be reached by a naval ship costing Rs 1000/- in Bunk Class but ships take around 60 hours to reach Andaman. Getting Ship tickets to Andaman is a big challenge as it is not available online, a traveler has to visit the Office to get the ticket issued.

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The best and quickest way to reach Andaman is by flights and many airlines operate a direct flight to Portblair from major cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Banglore. Flight cost is the major cost in planning Andaman Holiday Packages and early booking of flight will help you in reducing the cost of the Andaman Package.  Generally, the return flight cost of Delhi and Mumbai is between 15000-18000 per person. Another way of getting a good deal on Flight prices is getting a fixed departure flight price from Andaman tour operators it will help you in bringing down the Andaman flight Price.

Andaman holiday involves a lot of transportation costs from one island to another island and the prices of these transfers are almost fixed, and you can choose Private luxury cruises or government cruise. Private cruise one ticket cost is approximately Rs 1200/- per way against Rs 700/- for Government cruise.  If you want a hassle-free Andaman tour you should opt for Private cruises as you can book an online ticket with a confirmed seat number, but a Government Cruise ticket cannot be booked online and issued in the last week. This Last week ticket may cause you a lot of problems especially in peak season, you may seek the help of Makruzz authorized agent, club holiday to Book your Cruise Ticket.

Tourist taxies do not operate on 8 hours basis but are changed point to point basis, and are very modestly priced and a single ride will cost you between Rs 200-600 only. Availability of Taxis is not a problem in Port Blair but getting it may have some problems in Islands. It is advised that you arrange pre-booked taxies for a smooth holiday.

Hotels are easily available in Andaman island and Homestays and hotels of all varieties and range are available. Do not expect luxury hotels here. You can get a comfortable 3* hotel for Rs 2500/-. Some homestay representing themselves as a hotel can be negotiated with Rs 1500/- only.

Andaman Holiday's prices are not very flexible as a major part of the Package price goes on a fixed price transportation ticket, and the only way to reduce the price is by compromising on the quality of the Hotel and Cruise. You have to decide whether you want to have a confirmed booking number with you before boarding the flight for Port Blair or be at the mercy of Tour operator who sold you a package that looks cheap and Best. But Remember CHEAP Can Be CHEAP, not Best.

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