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One day I suddenly woke up, feeling that someone is cuddling my leg, and my ear was budging with Birds singing Songs and I can hear the trumpeting sounds of sea waves. I felt I am in the heavens and sleeping on the lap of my mother. I was expecting this moment never to end……. suddenly a big wave of water was all over me and I found myself on a sea beach……… Unspoiled, clean, and no human Jungle.

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I got up... wondering where I'm... Yesterday, I came back from my workplace, completely exhausted and depressed, sleepy without food. Who, took me from the pit of my factory office to this heaven on earth? Do I dream? Okay!! Okay! Let's have it..... Let me enjoy the Dream... I went to a nearby tea shop and ordered a teacup.

And then asked them where I am. Who brought me here? The tea vendor looked at me...... and told me that we took you out of the sea, you were in a jar. You were all muddy and tired, so spread you, to dry you out on the sand.

I'm so glad you're safe now. Have a glass of tea. When Sipping Tea Cup. I asked him the place's name, and he replied with a proud "Andaman Nicobar". He said that it is in the southern part of the mighty Country Called India.

My Curiosity was at its Top, and I requested him to tell me everything about the pride of India. I'm sharing all that I learned from Him.

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Andaman and Nicobar is a group of approximately 60 islands, with many beautiful beaches and people come here for Andaman Holiday. This Island can be reached by Sea and Air Only, with No Road Connection from the rest of India. Ship connectivity is from, Chennai, Kolkata, and Vizag, but ticket availability is a big challenge, as you have to visit their offices to Buy cruise Tickets and Andaman ship tickets are not available Online.

 Many Airlines have direct connectivity from Major cities of India and their flight tickets can be bought online on their Website.

Andaman is primarily an agrarian economy. Tourism is emerging as a big occupation of local Andamanese people. These are some Prominent tourist islands of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman is a favorite place for Honeymoon.

Port Blair: It’s a Capital City of “Andaman”, with Airport for tourists on holiday in Andaman. Port Blair connects Andaman with the Rest of the world. Local ferries connect port Blair with all surrounding Islands with Small Boats and Luxury cruise ships like Makruzz and Government-run Ships. Cruise Tickets for Andaman ferries can be bought on Onlne except for Government-Run Ships.

 Emergency Helicopter services can be availed on request from the Local government. Corbyn's Cove Beach, Cellular jail, Wandoor Beach, and Chidiya Tapu, is a major Tourist Attractions and must-visit places on the Andaman tour. Government-Owned Pawan Hans Limited operates India's only Seaplane services in port Blair.

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Havelock: havelock island is the most visited and loved island on the Andaman group of islands, it can be reached from Port Blair, on a Government ferry, or by Private luxury Cruise. Water sports activities and Relaxation is a major activities of Havelock. The main Beaches in havelock are: Vijay Nagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, Radhanagar Beach, and Elephant beach must Be included in the Andaman Itinerary. Havelock island is Mecca for adventure and water sports activities in the Andaman Islands.

Neil: Neil draws its Name from the word "Nila“ in Hindi. This means Water is Pure Blue surrounding this island. Water sports Activities are a big Draw here. Bharatpur Beach, Laxman Nagar Beach, and Sita Beach is a Major Attractions of the Neil Islands. Neil island is famous for its Coral islands and Stunningly beautiful landscapes for Photography.

Baratang Island: If you have not customized your Andaman tour with Baratnag Tour you have missed the real essence of the Andaman islands. Baratang tour is Must for Adventure lovers and explorers who visit this Island. You will reach Baratnag from Port Blair by driving through Jarwa CVillages in Armed Convoy, and it is a full-day excursion.

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Andaman is a multiracial and multilingual society of Tamil, Bengali, and Malay people, and People Speak Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and English in Andaman Nicobar Islands. English is widely spoken and understood in Andaman Nicobar Islands.

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