Activities to do in Phuket islands

Activities in Phuket island

Apart from many beautiful beaches and island Phuket offer unmatched experienxce ranging from Aero sports, water sports and excursion to Jungles. Some of the activities are listed here

Explore Simian Islands Near Phuket:

You can plan this during your Phuket holiday from Oct-May and it will cost around 2500 Baht Per person. Similan Islands are i Phuket's most spectacular set of islands, blessed with attractive white sand and clear sparkling waters. But they're only accessible from October to May and in the Andaman Sea, a little far, 90 km northwest of Phuket. If you get an opportunity, you ought to go. Go to Phi Phi Island if you're not sure, but it's crowded. Racha Island is more open and closer, or Coral Island is nearby as well.

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Four islands Tour:

Begin a day-long tour of Krabi's' 4 Islands' across the Andaman Sea and watch the tide reveal the slender spits that connect the islands of the forest. Travel the sinuous coastline by speedboat or conventional longtail and leave on clean, powdery beaches the first footprints of the day. Snorkeling in a sheltered lagoon, sitting in the swaying shade of coconut palms and enjoying a picnic lunch at a pristine beach. Wander between Tup Islets and Chicken Island, then set off again in the direction of spectacular rock formations rising above the tropical sea.

Visit Old Phuket Town:

While on Phuket Trip you must take out some time to explore the Old Town of Phuket with their elegant shop houses and majestic mansions, it is hard to resist these ancient Sino-Portuguese avenues. Along the way, there are many small bakeries, café, and restaurants. The old town of Phuket is great for a half-day tour of Phuket town. You can get there by tuk-tuk (Auto-Rickshaw) or even by the local city bus stopping at the city market, then walk from there to Thalang lane.



 Fantasea Show Tour of Phuket:

Fantasea show is organized on the pattern of Las vegas shows and can be booked directly on their website but Travel agents will give you better prices. Prices for Fantasia show starts from 1500 Baht to 2100 Baht. 

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 Phuket Fantasea in Kamala Beach is a big production on stage and a theme park. Inspired by ancient Thai temples and castles, the architecture is stunning. Before the show, the park is bright and colorful, full of fun games and shops. The main attraction is, of course, the show accompanied by a dozen massive elephants performed by talented Thai acrobats and dancers. A giant restaurant serving a buffet dinner is also available at the Phuket Fantasea show.

Phi-Phi Island Excursion: our Island Island Excursion:

Any Phuket tour is unthinkable without an excursion to the Phi Phi Islands is certainly one of the natural wonders of the world: an archipelago of lush, tropical islands set within the enchanting Andaman Sea. Guests will be able to swim and snorkel among the colorful, underwater diversity of fish and coral reefs on this day trip from Phuket. Relax and take a sunbath on the islands ' warm white sand beaches. Thrill seekers, as well as easy-going travelers, should enjoy the beauty and sheer joy of paradise. If you haven't visited the Phi Phi Islands then your trip to Phuket, Thailand, hasn't been completed.

James bond Island Excursion:

This Island tour can be taken any time of the year and James Bond Island is one of those things on the wish list that many tourists in Phuket want to tick-off their list. James Bond Island has many positive and negative views, and most of them are justified. James Bond's film' The Man with The Golden Gun' with Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. Though the movie was not very successful it made this island known world over.

Enjoy Simon cabaret show

 Simon Cabaret on Patong Beach is a kind of Las Vegas show, but of a different nature. The stage is amazing, the sets and costumes are fantastic and brilliant, but what people came to see are the incredibly beautiful ladyboys! Perfect bodies with cute faces, most will trick you.

Some More Activities to do in Phuket:

 Enjoy some water parks of Phuket

 Phuket Aquarium

 Dinner Rang Hill

 Siam Niramit

 Black Rock View Point:

 Visit Flying Hanuman

- Phi Phi Islands

- Phang Nga Bay

- Hong Islands

- Zip lining and Adventure tours

- Partying in Aonong Beach - Emerald Pool and Hot Springs

- Trekking in the forest

- Kayaking
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