10 Amazing things in Andaman islands/

Amazing things to do in Andaman

10 most amazing things in Andaman.

Andaman Nicobar group of Island is more than usual beach Holiday destination where you spend your time on the beach doing nothing. Plan your Holiday on the Andaman Islands if you wish to explore some amazing things thing that can be seen be on Islands and Jungles of Andaman in addition to beach fun activities, Andamaman Holiday itinerary if planned properly will let you have fun as well as some enrichment.

 The islands are fascinating in more than one way and fascinating people to plan a holiday on Beaches and islands. This froup of islands was inhabited by of fierce man-eater tribe bu now it has become a preferred holiday place that has some incredibly interesting facts about these islands. Islands of Andaman is calling people to explore some bizarre phenomenon on Andaman.

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Apart from below listed places, another bizarre place in Andaman island is Parrot Island. You will see only Parrots on this island in the evening and All other type types of birds will go away from this island.

A walkable sand bar emerges from the sea during low tide and you can walk from ross island to smith island. You can plan a tour to Diglipur in your Andaman Holiday Packages.

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1. The word “ Handuman” meaning Hanuman, a  Hindu Monkey God in Malays Language, is the source of the name Andaman. Nicobar is the alteration of the  Malay word' Nakkavaram'  meaning island of the Naked people.

2. Andaman Nicobar island is known for the largest sea turtles in the world. The Andaman Islands are home to the biggest sea turtles in the world. Three major species of carbs like  Hawksbill, Green Turtle and leatherbacks are found in Andaman islands

3. The tribe of Sentinelese peoples, numbering around 250, is the most threatened stone age humans and are still living in the islands of Andaman. Visiting Islands inhabited by Sentinelese is prohibited for Civilians.

4. Mud volcano on Baratang island is the only active volcano in India and is located around  150 kilometers from the capital Port Blair, this remote, 3-km-wide island comprises a 1.5 km-wide crater partially filled with a residue cone.  

 5. A tourist may see a  Robber crab the world's largest living arthropod ( animal without internal spine), that lives here and also called the Coconut Crab. Usually, these crabs live on land, but in the evening climb up the coconut trees and dig a hole into the tender coconuts to eat it as food.

6. You must have seen nest as a dwelling unit but you may see an edible bird nest that you can eat. You will find these nests in KLime stone caves in Baratang island on your trip to the Andaman Islands. Swiftlet birds living in the calcareous Alfred Cave’s make edible nests. These calcareous Alfred Caves adjust their shape and size every rainy season due to some chemical process. The Swiftlet bird uses its saliva and attaches its gummy home to the most unapproachable places on the walls of the cave as a little cup

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07. India's only live mud volcano can be seen in Baratang island and is situated just 150 from the Capital city of Portblair.  The last recorded eruption was detected in Nilambur Village of Baratang Island in 1983. This volcano is shaped by emitting depressurized pore water and natural gas from decaying underground organic matter, accompanied by loud explosions and fire flares. It slowly shapes a small volcano with a crater covered with thick mud at the top.

08. In 2013 First commercial seaplane service was launched by Pawan Hans limited and named it Jal Hans. These  Amphibious plane can land and take off from both water and land. This small is an eight Seater Cessna 208 plan and is equipped with modern navigation systems and can go to the speed up to 270 km in an hour. Getting a booking on these Services is a Herculean task.

09. Havelock islands provide a chance to the tourists to kayak through dense mangroves to reach the wide-open sea. The kayaking activity through the thick mangroves is a fascinating way to see the mesmerizing flora and fauna in the wildlife of the Island. The mangroves forests of islands are both a kindergarten and a breeding ground and host a large number of life forms such as barnacles, algae, oysters, mud lobsters, shrimps sponges, and mangrove crabs, to name but a few. You should go for kayaking to experience the bizarre phenomenon of Bio-luminescence while kayaking on dark no Moon night in Havelock island.

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10. Yes, you can see waterfalls during your Andaman tour, there are two stunning waterfalls on Little Andaman Island–which is Whisper Wave which is 20 km from Hut Bay Jetty and the White Surf waterfall is 7 km away from the same jetty. To reach the awesome waterfalls, one can take an elephant safari or hike through the island's verdant woods.

Whenever you plan your holiday Andaman islands your tour should include some of this amazeing and bizzare phenomenon of Andaman islands itinerary.